Should You Take a Covid-19 Test Right After Getting the Vaccine???

I Think That Pirate Just Swiped My iPod

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that when you woke up this morning being kidnapped by pirates probably wasn’t on your list of Things to Worry About. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Many Americans are blind to threat that pirates have caused and continue to cause to our National Security. In fact, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that only 1 out of every 100 Americans has proper Pirate Kidnapping, Looting & Pillaging insurance coverage.

Better Than Going to the Movies

I recently just purchased my first condo with my fiance Kyle down by the lakeshore. We’re both young professionals and figured it would be a good investment for the long term, something we could get a good return on somewhere down the road. It’s a great place; we have an awesome view of the lake below, and we’re literally nestled beneath the financial district in Toronto, getting to work has never been easier.

Musing a Sliver of Soap

My first thought was making a bar of soap out of soapslivers should be easy. Soap is made by maxing animal fat and lye, melting them together and molding the mix. Therefore, all I have to do is save some slivers, melt and mold; so I thought.

Are You Obamatose Or in Nirbama?

Every year the world of current affairs and the media provides fertile ground for the further development of the English language. This article will have a look at some of the recent and more comical additions to the English language (neologisms for the purists).

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

I have spent the last few days on the house telephone, the cell phones, the fax machine, the computer message wizard, the telegraph and other means of contact with my brokers, investment bankers, agents and portfolio coordinators. I am scared and, like most Americans do not know what to do or what to think. I had to see Teacher.

I Think I’ll Send the Economy a Get Well Card

From bits of news I pick up while flipping between Law & Order, Project Runway, and Hannah Montana I gather that the economy isn’t doing so well. I don’t really know what’s wrong with it, maybe it’s got that new flu bug that’s going around.

Politics and Jokes – The Marriage of True Minds

No matter how funny, cruel or lame they may be, no one can joke about the effects of political jokes on the popularity of US presidential candidates. With political humor and spoofs sprawled all over late night shows and the joke-opedia on the net, Barrack Obama, McCain, and their respective running-mates are saving some considerable campaign finances. Just like the old cliche, “bad publicity is still publicity”.

Finding the Best Cartoon Pictures

If you’re looking for cartoon pictures, you should try to at least have an idea what you want before you begin searching. You also need to figure out what you plan to do with the cartoon pictures: do you plan to make iron-ons so you can put them on fabrics or do you just want to have them for the sake of having them?

Finding Cartoon Books

For those who are real cartoon fans, finding cartoon books is another hobby in which they may participate. Many people who are fans of cartoon books chose to go to flea markets so they can find cartoon books related to characters that are no longer available or because they enjoy the old cartoon characters.

Have Your Own Supply of Cartoons

Everyone loves a good cartoon whether they will admit it or not. In fact, many adults sit and watch cartoons yet claim they are doing it for the children or grandchild. Watching cartoons is a relaxing activity, especially when you take in the funnies instead of some of the more violent ones.

Funny Pranks 101

Interested in pulling a practical joke on someone? This article will show you how!

Benefits of SPAM

For most of us, spam is a four-letter word. Even when you use military-strength email filters, the stuff just keeps on coming, telling us about wondrous pills, dubious surgical enhancements and dodgy stock market advice. Now, no one in their right mind is ever going to throw good money away on these uninvited offers, but the never-ending stream of garbage acts like the Chinese water torture, slowly eating away at our sanity.

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