Strengthen your back

The Witching Hour

The old white plastic AM clock radio flipped to 11:07 pm. Huddled under the covers in the corner of my darkened childhood bedroom, I braced myself for the sounds of evil. The creaking door, that harbinger of impending doom, was reinforced with bass, oboe, and muted high-pitched trumpet, shrill as a woman’s shriek. It was time for E.G. Marshall and the CBS Mystery Theater. It was time to be frightened, maybe even scared, and there wasn’t an adult on Earth who could save you from it.

A Day Dreamer’s Day

Nights are hopeless and Days are full of hopes. That’s what practically is for me. Not, because of the Literary thoughts which define days that are good & bright and nights that are bad & dark. I dream at Day because I love to sleep peacefully at night. I dream about my Games, I dream about my earnings, and about everything that I get around me at that very moment.

Thanks to All My Friends

Do you get emails from friends and spammers alike? I get more than I can read. Here is a universal thank you letter for their concern.

Are You a “Real” Fireman?

A number of years ago in Harford County, Maryland, I had the occasion to defend a client accused of a double manslaughter resulting from a drunk driving accident. In preparing for the trial I learned that there is no paid fire department in Harford County. Preparing to interview the fire and medical personnel that treated the victims and my client, I had the image of a Keystone Cops atmosphere.

What Women Want – Hugs

Two guys come up with a very unique way to impact the world in a sort of pay it forward emotional way. They hug with a sign. Women are now doing this service of giving out free hugs with a sign. But what is the universal sign for a hug? This article will attempt to explore the murky mystery of the impact of hugs.

Excuses For When Your Business Card Holder Turns Up in the Most Unlikely Places

This society’s penchant for personal branding and individuality has lead to complications. When you do not want to be identified, you will be and when you desire anonymity, you will gain notoriety.

You Know You Are Truly Retired When the Only Thing on Your to Do List Is – Hang Up the Bird Feeder

Okay so I am retired and still I keep a things to do list up to remind me of pressing matters that I must tend too. But the other day, I had only one item on my; To Do List! Hang up the new bird feeder. Thus, the humorous title.

Things You Need to Be a Celebrity!

Celebrities are a dime a dozen these days, but the fact remains: They are celebrated! And why is this so! How to fastrack Your way to Hollywood style fame; this article reveals the secrets to lasting fame; follow the tips and You Will be gossiped about darlings!

The Short ‘n’ Sweet Tale of Caricatures

The inception of caricature drawing as an art took place long back in history. Surviving the trysts of time, this art has captured the attention of millions. In fact, one can trace the origin of this art in the some of the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci-the genius who loved portraying people with deformities.

A Guide to Brushing Funny Strokes on Canvas

Read some useful tips on how to draw a caricature. Though simple to many, caricature drawing invites keen observatory powers as well as inborn talent to come up with truly appealing examples.

What Makes People Laugh

Why do humans laugh? We are the only specie on planet earth that laughs. None knows why we laugh but we are doing it, see what makes us laugh and just laugh.

Redneck Humor – Good, Clean, Down Home Fun

Jeff Foxworthy, of You Might Be A Redneck fame, tells an interesting story about redneck humor. When he first went to New York City to make his career, they thought he was funny – but he was repeatedly advised to drop the accent. The big audiences, they told him, wouldn’t like him with an accent.

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