Sun Salutations Briefly Examined

What About Free Laughter Online? Not a Joke

It is an inescapable truth that we live in a stressful world and stressful times. Everyday we all are face stress at many places at home, at work. There is no one who can say that he is stress-free.

Kick the Bucket – Before it Kicks You

After watching the movie The Bucket List, the story of two terminally ill men who try to complete a list of things to do before they reach their expiration date, I’ve come to this conclusion – Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are the ugliest old men on screen this side of 60 Minutes. But I have to admit the film did get me thinking about my own mortality. There must be more meaningful things in life than changing the oil in my car every 60,000 miles whether it needs it or not, or sitting around making decorative yet practical knickknacks out of everyday navel lint.

For the Love of Spam

Tired of soaring supermarket prices? Fed up with those frozen dinners that have less flavor than the cardboard box they live in? Looking for a dinner alternative that’s guaranteed to leave the family asking, “What the hell is this?” Then it might be time to consider serving that American classic, Spam. That’s right, the inexpensive canned meat treat that’s also useful as a paperweight, doorstop, or hockey puck is making a comeback, with the Associated Press reporting an increase in sales of 7 percent compared to the same period last year. I know it’s probably been a while since you’ve enjoyed this grayish-pink, gelatinous goo-slathered chunk of heaven, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to answer some common questions you’re sure to have

Retiring – How to Figure Out When You Have Enough and What We Can Learn From Squirrels

When it comes to figuring out how big of a nest egg we will need to retire, the best guidance may not come from our financial advisors but, rather, from the common grey squirrel living in our backyard. This is a whimsical perspective on what we can learn about this subject from animals that hoard for a living.

Inspiring Morale in Tough Times – A Nostalgic Look at the Days of Whine and Roses

Long expensive lunches commiserating with colleagues about bosses that didn’t appreciate us enough, jobs that weren’t good enough, titles not important enough, offices not big enough, etc. are casualties of the recession. These days people are too afraid to be branded with a bad attitude or too grateful to still have a job to risk grousing. This humorous article takes the position that restless, discontented employees should be encouraged to whine and complain because that’s what leads to a desire to change and move forward.

A Brave New Germ-Free World

I had to chuckle the other day when I saw a woman at the grocery store vigorously rubbing the handle of her shopping cart with a sanitary wipe, apparently hoping a genie would pop out and grant her three germ-free wishes. Since when have we become such a nation of germophobes? I mean, Babe Ruth used other players’ toothbrushes and they called him the “Sultan of Swing,” not the “Prince of Plaque.” But since a lot of folks would rather remove their pancreas with a paring knife than come within sniffling distance of a germ, I thought I’d introduce some products to help make our lives a little cleaner.

Corporate 911

The other day, as I was watching precious minutes of my life sprout wings and fly away while on hold with Big Company Customer Service, I began to wonder what would happen if our emergency services providers implemented an automated system to answer phone calls. Here’s one possible scenario… Thank you for calling 911, your one-stop home for emergency services. If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, please press 1. If your emergency is not currently life-threatening, but could become so in the next 15 to 20 seconds, please press 2. For all other emergencies, such as volcanic eruption, flood, or erectile dysfunction, please press 3.

Teeing Off on TV Golf

My local cable company recently started carrying the Golf Channel. I can only assume this is because it couldn’t afford more stimulating programming, like the Knitting Network or Drying Paint Television.

Live Long and Pros-Purr

The longer I live with cats, the more I’m convinced that they are not our furry little friends, but rather hostile aliens sent here from another planet to gather intelligence so that they may one day rule our world. So you can imagine my interest when a cat psychologist came to my town recently to conduct a seminar on feline behavior. (This raises several questions: How does one get to be a cat psychologist? Does she have a miniature couch covered with cat hair in her office? And why did she lap milk from a saucer, then give herself a tongue bath during her presentation?)

Learn to Be Funny – Creating Timeless Humour

Whenever I develop humorous material I always try to develop it from the standpoint of it being timeless. What do I mean by that? I mean material that can still be performed whether it’s six months from now or six years from now.

Learn to Be Funny – Improving Delivery With Audience Time

No matter how many times you write and re-write a speech or a piece of humour, the ultimate litmus test is putting it on its feet and delivering in front of an audience. The best way to learn to be funny is to gain audience time.

Definition of Bravery

When I think of myself as being brave there seems to be quite a few incidents that are down right rebellious and self indulging. As a teenager I did not think the world could exist without me. And I said it quite often; which was brave in itself. Considering the response I always got. Usually from family members like my brother saying ” The world would definitely exist because I would be right here having me a good time wondering where you came from anyway”. I’d always get a smart remark. Not realizing my mind set called for it. As I reflect.

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