Jack Benny on Old Time Radio

One of the most celebrated comedians of old time radio was Benjamin Kubelsky, aka “Jack Benny.” This Waukegan, Illinois native played several iconic roles in the colorful world of the entertainment industry. While his acting roots were born from his days on Vaudeville, his quick wit and rapier-like humor immediately earned him a place in Hollywood.

Guess What I Dream?

Allison puffed up a cigar and started rocking back and forth in his chair. He was staring at the dismal sight of a poor soul who was about to be electrically executed. It would be done in a jiffy and he would not be bothered with the screams or the bloodshed.

The Wayans Family Newest Star: Damon Wayans Jr

Who can forget Homey the Clown or Men on Films? These were two of the best comedy sketches ever dreamed up and the latter, teamed up two of America’s best comedians: Damon Wayans and David Grier. They were incredible in their roles.

Peas And Carrots

I am as proud of the president now as I’ve ever been, or ever will be. Just the other day, he proclaimed that we need to “eat our peas.” And I think we should give peas a chance….

An Absolute Vulnerability Experience

I realize that I may have been PROGRAMMED by my Mom to be a revolutionary with a mission to always fight for “the under-dog” and to pursue that fight as if it were: “good better best, never let it rest, till your good is better and your better best”. But even “best” was insufficient in my Mom’s view, because you had to be ABSOLUTE in your mission, any mission! I wish she had been a revolutionary herself, instead of SUBLIMINALLY training me revolutionize the world FOR her! What has occurred, according to my (formerly) significant others, is that she made me into a kind of emotional as-if terrorist, like she, herself WAS!

Cool Funny T-Shirts and The History of Comedy

Comedy is something that is universally enjoyable. The art of humor has been around since the beginning of time. This shows that comedy is an important part of society and daily life.

What Not To Do When Organizing A Christian Comedy Event

A Christian comedy outreach event is a great way of meeting new people, bringing different people together and generally having a good time. Not only that, it can also help increase membership numbers at your church. Everyone enjoys comedy because laughing makes us feel good and can even help to solve problems. The old saying “laughter is the best medicine” really can be true sometimes in life!

5 Best Android Tablet Comic Apps

Reading comic books is a wonderful past time enjoyed by both children and adults. It is quite lighter than the average book, but imaging the storyline is splendid nonetheless.

Blood on the Lens

Want to get a special peek at behind-the-scenes of a local TV news operation? Here’s a look at one station.

Tips For Finding Funny Shirts of High Quality

Most people love funny shirts because they help the individual wearing them get noticed by everyone who passes by. However, finding funny shirts that are actually attractive and well made can sometimes be difficult.

It’s All in the Basket(Ball)

Warm weather is here, and that means three things: some people will play basketball outdoors, other people will not play basketball outdoors, and a third group of people will think about the two options and waver somewhere between, perhaps eventually deciding to buy ice cream cones (not the ice cream, just the cones). Granted, there are a lot more important summertime topics, but I am finding that nothing represents people more than the basketball hoops they have outside their homes.

Big-Time Mussels Among Sea Creatures

The first sign of a slow week: taking any amount of time to think about underwater life, including — but certainly not limited to — crustaceans. The second sign: writing about it…

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