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My Favorite Funny Life Quotes

I just love collecting Quotes on all subjects. Whenever I come across a good funny life quote that make me laugh or inspiring and motivational life quote that shake me to the core and inspire me to take action, I jot them down on my computer. Later on, whenever I feel blue, I just open my computer and read all my collection of quotes.

Five Famous Funny Life Quotes to Bring on the Giggles

A funny quote has power to turn the worst situation into a bearable one. It is something that can really make difference in your daily life. It makes you bear the toughest situations of life easily. Somehow it reminds all of us that life is for fun and enjoyment. It reminds us about what is truly important about our existence on earth.

Funny Pictures For a Good Laugh

When the economy looks gloomy, everyone needs some humor for a good laugh. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.” That’s probably true to a certain extent.

I’m 39 and Holding!

My recent birthday dragged “double nickels” kicking and screaming into my psyche. Now, several recurrent thoughts occupy my feeble mind: Sandra Bullock in a wet tee-shirt (although I’ve forgotten why); honey-flavored pitted prunes (obviously, a desire to remain a regular guy); and, a late night snack with Jack Kevorkian (excuse me, Doc, is that Grey Poupon in your bag?). This sudden awareness of mortality bites like a pit bull in a post office.

How to Be Funny – Part 5 – Understand the Big 3 Theories of Humor

Today we’re going a little bit psycho on you. Psychological that is. We’ll be tackling 3 of the most accepted and widely agreed upon theories of humor out there.

Adventures With a Taxi Driver

I’m a commuter, something I’m not ashamed of. Among other things it gives me free time to write this blog. Most mornings I catch a taxi to the station. I’m not much of a talker in the morning, but some of the drivers fail to appreciate this. It is a major achievement that during a seven minute journey the driver can tell me the complete story of his life down to the most minute and personal detail.

How to Be Funny – Part 3 – Study Funny

Every self-help book in the world worth its salt will tell you that if you want to become a success at anything then it pays to study the masters and model their behavior. This definitely applies to learning how to be funny as well. I say that if you want to “be” funny then you need to “study” funny.

Learn to Laugh With Marriage Jokes

Marriage jokes are some of the best because most of us are able to relate to them. Read a few and put a smile on your face.

Why Are Funny Video Clips So Popular?

The one thing that is for sure in this world is that comedy ad things that are funny, silly, or sexy really get people’s attention ad stand out in their minds. Why do you think that advertisers use content that is really funny, pretty silly, downright stupid and/or irritating or a bit on the sexy/steamy side?

Funny Video Clips Are Everywhere These Days

If you think that you have seen everything when it comes to funny video clips you really need to think about that statement again because someone will always come up with something that is just a little funnier or wackier or just plain sillier. This has always been the way of it. What this has actually become is a huge game of “one-upmanship” or I can do that better than you did/can.

How to Be Funny – Part 1 – Using Your Voice, Body Language, and Facial Expressions

Remember Chris Farley? You can learn how to be funny from him. He was funny partly because he was loud, VERY LOUD at times. When he got amped up and on a roll not only was his voice booming but his entire body was in action. Farley was a master at physical humor.

Listen Up! I’m Just Going to Tell You This Once!

Hey, call me an old curmudgeon (and many do!), but I’m through pussy-footing around with some of my e-mail correspondents. I’ve just about had it and I’m not going to take it anymore! So, all you e-mail correspondents of mine, listen up, because I am only going to say this once! I’ve got a few “bones” to pick with you and, by golly, I’m going to pick them. Now. Right here. You’re not going to be able to stop me!

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