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Make Fast Money – It’s Everyone’s Dream!

Here’s 10 humorous ways to make fast money: 1: Have a bet – put a hundred on an evens shot and double your money – if it wins! 2: Sign up to online surveys – there’s loads of them, they pay little individually, but if you have a spare few hours to do a few you can make a few bucks easily.

You Know You’re a Grownup When

My favorite song when I was a child was a darling little tune called Que Sera or maybe it was Que Sera Sera. Anyway, it was a wonderful song about this anxious little girl who nagged her mother with a bunch of silly questions. The girl wanted to know what she would be like when she was all grown up. She asked her mother: “Will I be pretty?” and “Will I be rich?”. The mother didn’t seem to have an answer for any of the girl’s questions.

Get Well Jokes – Is There Anything Better Than That?

Get well jokes are a great way to lift anyone’s spirits who isn’t feeling quite up to par. The only thing better than a little humor is a little pampering with a spa gift basket. Giving gift baskets can be much more appreciative than a traditional card or trinket, as well as more useful to the recipient.

Funny Get Well Sayings – Is That Enough to Cheer Up Your Loved One?

Funny get well sayings are cute, and can lift anyone’s spirits when they’re under the weather. However, if you want to treat someone to the luxurious lifestyle and a little bit of relaxation, consider getting a gift basket instead.

Funny Get Well Poems – Is That the Best Idea For Someone Under the Weather

Funny get well poems are a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them, but they don’t really speak of how much you truly appreciate that person. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who is under the weather, consider a spa gift basket instead, to offer them a little bit of relaxation and pampering in the privacy of their own home.

Attack of the Zombie Salesmen

There is a new trend going on in the advertising world. Advertising executives are now hiring zombies to hock their products. Recently, John Wayne and Elvis have risen from the dead to sell beer and other merchandise. For some reason, no one seems to find this practice a little creepy. I prefer my salesperson to be alive and breathing.

The Memory of a Gold Fish

It has been suggested that an Elephant never forgets. I cannot verify this, I do not know many elephants. I do not know many facts to be true about elephants. On a recent trip to a zoo and the elephant exhibit a zoo representative did fill us in on the size of an elephants vagina. I will offer that to anyone on a need to know basis and I do not think anyone really needs to know.

Riding With the Princess

What happens when your GPS starts taking over control of your vehicle – and then your mind. It’s time for a sex change, not for you, but for her!

Funny Thoughts on New Halloween Costumes-Party

Discussing outrageous Halloween costumes you don’t want to wear… or maybe you do. You may laugh, or get embarrassed so read with caution.

Watch Funny Videos and Keep Your Mind on Positive Things

Tell me do you need a laugh? Have you had a long day and need to relax? Well it is good to have a good laugh. It is time you get some laughter,smiles and giggles right now. A little laughter will make you feel a lot better. Tomorrow when you go to work you will feel much better. People you co-workers will not understand what has happened to you.

Humorscope For the Month of November 2008

Aries – You should have that lump checked out by a doctor. Taurus – Take a nice vacation. You are probably going to loose your job this month.

Funny Limousine Stories

Limousines can be hired for any event or occasion but it is sometimes surprising just what they are used for. In addition limousine companies are very professional but sometimes events beyond their control can lead to things going very wrong.

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