The Best Moment Of My Life

The Rule of Three in Comedy

Have you seen a comedian, or comedy troupe, repeat a bit over, and over, and over, until the blatant unfunniness was painful to watch? In recent years, that’s become almost the norm, especially on shows like “Saturday Night Live.”

Public Transport Rules For Jerks

Ever been daydreaming on the bus on your way home about people of public transport? Do you wonder how they do it? How you could do it? How you could make people’s travel a nightmare? Are you afraid of the thought that you are just not annoying enough? In this short guide you will learn the basics of being a total jerk of public transit and from now on you can be just as pesky as everyone else.

Fire Breathing Dragon Melts Dentures

The daughter of an important widow has been taken by the local fire breathing dragon. If officer Baleen can do the trick, he gets a blank check.

Funny Comic Strips – Amusement and the Scope of Advertising

A huge section of people enjoys funny comic strips due to the funny nature of characters in the visual presentation. Germany boasts the introduction of this form of art way back in 1865. It contained the story of two boys being continuously rewarded for mischief. Later on, the art was taken up by America followed by many other countries in the world. It is considered the platform of comic books and presently comic serials for television.

Using Memorable Quotes

Quotations are sayings that somehow have the capacity to generate some reaction. Although generally accepted that words have power, quotations are much more than just words.

Ice Skating Practice

As usual when July arrives in Florida, the hot sticky humidity revives my reverie of wintry nights while growing up in Ohio. We used to meet down by the snow white river banks of Big Walnut Creek and skate on its frozen surface.

The Christmas Maniac

I am a professional entertainer, playing the piano and singing for many years, and find my most important quality is dependability. However, I may have carried this attribute a little too far on one occasion. During the 1995 pre-Christmas rush of shopping, entertaining and sprucing up the house for the holidays, my schedule became absolutely crazy.

6 Perfect Excuses to Stay in Bed

It has happened to all of us, the morning comes and we’re faced with the reality of leaving our beautiful bed behind. The pillow we have become so attached to overnight is bracing itself for a goodbye. It’s a painful experience that can haunt us forever. However, stay in bed and we feel guilty for not seizing the day. Well, what if there were perfectly good reasons to stay in bed? Read on to rest your conscience when you’re spending some extra ‘quality time’ with your comfy friend.

Something To Make You Chuckle

Three things to make you smile or chuckle. Have a spectacular day!

The 10 Funniest Comedies of 2011

A comedy movie can be your escape to every day’s stress. In 2011, there were a number of movies that made it to the box office. These are the funniest films that would leave you laughing your heart out. You probably missed some of these movies, so it’s worth checking them out.

Funny Comic Strips – Important Tips

You need to understand fundamentals of funny comic strips, which are created sincerely without any kind of favoritism or narrow prejudices. The main aim should be the presentation of humor for the sake of humor only. It has to be interesting and exciting to catch the attention of readers and they should feel comfortable and pleased with the final effect of the creation. Successful personalities practice the art of creating amusing comic strips to bring humor in life.

The Fear and Art of Stand Up Comedy

The fear and art of stand up comedy and why you should do have a go. Ever been to see a stand up show and had a hurt belly after? Every taken time to consider what goes into standing on a stage all by yourself with the sole aim to make people laugh? Ever thought it would be the scariest thing anyone could do? Ever thought you should have a go? Most art forms of a high quality produce something that appears effortless and easy. Stand up comedy is no different. All great artists make things look easy, but like the great painters, the reality is the comedian/comedienne will have taken quite an internal journey to get themselves on to the stage and get their mouths to open. And yet what is life if it’s not to try things that scare us so much. What’s the worst thing that can happen?.

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