The Day I Almost Died

Africa Laughs

What about humor told or acted by those who’s blood and experiences are African? Increasingly African humor is treading on political issues and getting a overwhelming following.

10 Ways to Screw Up an Interview!

DISCLAIMER: Any damage caused to anyone dumb enough to follow these instructions literally is thoroughly intentional. A little less insanity would do us all a whole lot of good anyways. Bazinga!

Laughing Lillian And Pusillanimous Lily

My Aunt Lillian Clayton Kensie (the oldest sister of my Dad) used to laugh all the time and lived to a ripe old age and died reasonably happy. A friend of mine named Lily was always serious, a little too serious at times, and is living a boring average life wanting to feel more important than she is. Of course, the point of this is that it is good to take things seriously, but not too seriously as these two characters from my childhood will show.

The Crazy Honey Badger Video

When I was a kid, many ages ago, there was a show on television called “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.” The whole family would gather around the television in those days to enjoy this amazing program, which brought to our living rooms a vast array of wild animals and stories of far-off places. This is not Wild Kingdom.

Free Medical Jokes

Research has proven that there are many health benefits of reading and listening to jokes. Some of the benefits include strengthening the immune system, reducing food craving and increasing an individual’s pain threshold. Moreover, recently there has been announced a therapeutic field which is known as humor therapy which can help patients heal more quickly.

The Quotes Overview

Quotes are the sayings of Great Personalities. These are the guidelines given by our elders to guide us, advise us and to keep us on track in true meanings. Quotes show the depth and broadness of the person saying those words. Each and every word in a quote is rich and relish with the scholastic information. These great personalities are still alive in us because of their great quotes.

What Is a Yo Momma Joke?

There are thousands of jokes available everywhere that we quote or make use of get a smile on someone’s face. We use jokes to make others laugh or just to insult them. The latter is used more often and since there are plenty of insult jokes available, it is quite easy to make fun of others.

Subliminal Humor – The Only ABSOLUTE Humor

Humor without artifice results in you becoming a kind of “celebrity without perks!” This is because LIVING LIFE AS ART is a thankless job, but there are internal instead of external perks! You get to laugh at everyone while everyone thinks they are laughing at you!

Free Love Birthday Cards

Birthday celebrations, for the simple fact that they happen only once a year, gain a very special disposition in our life. It is the day we are treated more considerately, a day that is supposed to be full of joy and happiness, when we receive lots of gifts, the perfect day for the people that surround us to express their feelings toward us, in order to reflect our significance in their lives. Things get even more serious when talking about your loved one’s birthday.

Free Funny Greeting E-Cards

It is said that laughter is the shortest way to someone’s soul. Humor is a quality not all of us possess, especially when talking about high quality one. Good, smart jokes are not very easy to find, although, nevertheless, they are appreciated differently from one person to another.

Use Free Greeting Cards Moderately?

When it comes to express our feeling towards someone, a certain event or any other thing, we definitely find ourselves in different situations. Some of us manage to do it easily, without much effort, but there are some of us who find it more difficult to do, because of shyness but also other various reasons. For this particular category of people, there is a well-known solution, represented by the greeting cards.

Animated Thank You Cards

Expressing gratitude is one of the most appreciated gestures in our social life, so it is very important how we do it when the time comes. One of the best ways of showing gratitude feelings is by means of thank you cards, meant to reflect both our thoughts and good manners. Depending on the nature of the relationship, one can send whether professional or personal thank you cards, the difference becoming more obvious in the written text than in the card’s design.

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