The End Of Conor McGregor’s Career – IMPAULSIVE EP. 281

Do Zombies Really Wear Lanyards? A Review of the Evidence

The issue of who wears lanyards is asked frequently in discussions of lanyards. While the obvious answer is that lanyards are often worn by office workers, retail staff and factory workers, there is some question as to whether the undead do or don’t actually wear lanyards.

Funny Things to Say

There are a lot of funny things to say, but somehow, kids say them the best. Kids are genuine and sincere and when they say something funny, many times it’s not meant to get laughs, but it comes from an entirely new point of view and they are really serious when they’re saying it.

A Day in the Life (of Me at 73)

I am a middle-aged guy. I recently turned 53. Like most middle-aged people, my body is showing the signs of wear and tear. My hearing is getting worse, my hair is starting to show a touch of gray, my old wrestling injuries are coming back to nag me, I forget where I left my keys, etc., etc.

Why Silly Videos Are So Entertaining!

Did you ever have a day where you just needed to escape the daily grind of life? Maybe stave off some boredom? Sometimes it’s healthy to take a break, relax, and laugh a little!

The Classics and the Best April Fools Pranks

Even if there are no gifts, festivities, cakes, or family gatherings, many people are still always waiting for the day until the first of April. During the April Fools, everybody around the globe celebrates and experiences fun in any given time. However, there are still some people who prefer not to celebrate this instead.

Six Reasons You Should Laugh Every Day

This article explains why you should laugh every day. Remember, laughter is the best medicine!

10 Things All Men Should Know

Dressing up if you are plump, avoid wearing tight T-SHIRTS lest you end up looking like a stuffed pillow. Choose colors that suit you but remember, looking like a bird of paradise will invite zoo officials.

What is Humour?

WE ALL laugh when we are amused or tickled. The capacity to smile and laugh is hardwired in us. A person who doesn’t smile or laugh had better consult his or her doctor. Now the question is what makes us laugh? I mean what is the nature of that cognitive experience that draws a smile on our face or drives us to a burst of uproarious laughter?

Funny Comic Strips – How to Make Your First One

With proper strategies, you will be able to make your very first funny comic strip in no time at all. The perfect setting will come along as you go.

Funny Cartoons – Humor For Life

Whether you agree on it or not, humor is an essential part of anyone’s life. It makes even the gloomiest day brighten up and it makes bad experiences transform into good ones. No matter what form it takes, a funny cartoon scribbled on a piece of paper, a joke sent from a mobile phone or a funny image in your email, everything it touches becomes a resounding humor.

Proudly Fueled by High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is in just about everything, especially sodas, but also millions of other food products. And, I for one, am glad. Its sickeningly sweet goodness is number 2 on my list of all-time favorite things. I got a sweet tooth the size of Texas and I’m dang proud of it. And when she starts calling, I answer.

I Enjoy Being a Broke Former Member of the Middle Class

There’s nothing wrong with being broke. So many of us are now.

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