The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Could Swapping Change Your Life?

Everyone’s heard of the guy who swapped his red paper clip for a house. That’s right he started with one ordinary paper clip made 14 internet swaps including a camping stove and an afternoon with Alice Cooper, and a year later was living in a mortgage free house in the Saskatchewan province, in Canada.

Brochure: Planet Earth

This is satirical piece about the state of affairs on Planet Earth. It is put into the format of a brochure, with the target audience being would-be visitors to Planet Earth.

You Do NOT Want Those Dresses Back

A funny story about a corporate woman intent on a last-minute shopping trip right before her business trip. When her new silk dresses mysteriously disappear, they turn up in the most unusual places on the most unexpected people.

The Naked Meeting

A true-life story of finding a naked man in the shower of my apartment — courtesy of my absent roommate. A funny tale of improper roommate etiquette!

Trigger Your Kid’s Nightmares

If you’re wondering what the appropriate punishment is for your kid’s bad behavior, check out this article. And if you’re wondering what’s the wrong thing to say right before your kid goes to sleep — this is it! Funny, but not advisable!

The Fly and a Peck of Dirt

What to do when your kid has a completely unreasonable freak-out? Not this. Oh, it’s funny, all right, but not at all effective!

The Walls Are Screaming!

If someone has ever made an off-handed remark to you — perhaps a helpful suggestion — that has driven you absolutely obsessively insane, then this real-life account is for you. If you’ve ever struggled with a home decorating issue, then you’ll especially enjoy this!

A Personal Invitation to Meet Elvis

I was very young and as it would turn out, some might say very stupid, when my sister and I were invited to Palm Springs to meet up with a man who was one of Elvis Presley’s dearest friends. We’d met Chad at the screening of a Hollywood movie, directed by friend, Michael Pressman, titled, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase.

Super Heroes Who Didn’t Make It Into The Avengers

The Avengers were a unique team of heroes, with top-of-the-line super powers and abilities such as super human strength, technologically advanced weapons, and head cracking fighting ability. However, this esteemed author has uncovered previously secret studio documents that reveal a group of super heroes who tried out to be members of The Avengers, but were rejected as “not good enough”. Here is their sad and pitiful story.

To Stay or Not To Stay – That Is the Election Part 1

A humorous summary of the pros and cons of reelecting the President of the U.S. It is in three parts. There is a definite slant here but, c’mon, this is politics. Just keep your sense of humor. It is not a serious treatise. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even laugh.

Fear Is Only in Your Head (and in the Bugs That You Eat)

“Fear Factor” returned to television for what seems like the tenth time. Apparently networks keep thinking they can come up with something better, but as they converse around big tables at big meetings, the conversations revert back to words of wisdom like, “You know, the whole bug-eating thing isn’t old yet. And neither is jumping off of buildings. Let’s bring that magic back,” only to say weeks later, “Okay, people are done with the bugs and the buildings, let’s see if Blossom or ALF are ready to make comebacks.”

Holy Water Misting Systems for Rich People and Deluxe Car Washes

The other day, I was talking to a security guard manager who was in charge of a very large club and golfing community. He said it was amazing how much the security systems cost, and how many people he had to employ to keep everyone safe. I explained to him that the rest of the population merely did a prayer, and maintained situational awareness relying on their neighbors to also look out them.

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