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How to Write a Joke in 3 Easy Steps

Want to know how to write a joke? Maybe you’re a best man or an aspiring comic and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to write great comic literature but can’t figure out quite how to go about it? Do you just want to make someone laugh?

How to Make a Funny Prank Call

I have to admit then when I was a kid I used to be involved in some random calls to people I didn’t know. We would say and do stupid things simply to amuse ourselves. Not only is this immoral, it’s not very funny either!

Nostrils Prepare For Blast Off

This a.m, I was greeted by a view that I could have done without. It is not unusual to see folks strolling up or down my street but, as for this young fellow making his way slowly past my front yard, I could only wish that my seeing him was not just unusual but completely and utterly nonexistent as well.

Lab Coats and Comedy

For centuries, doctors in lab coats have been an important part of the comedic landscape. This is especially true in the world of animated programming.

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

Did you know that it takes only a few muscles to frown, but just about all the muscles in your face get a workout when you smile or laugh? The experts say everyone should have at least a few daily habits, so if you must find a habit to get hooked on make sure it is to have a belly aching laugh every day. Evidence says that laughing is great for our health and guess what, it is the one habit that is free.

Humor’s Usage in American Comedy Movies

Comedies of films and TV series TV can arouse people to jeer at ugly and funny things and to approve the normal life and good dreams through exaggeration, ingenious structures and humorous lines. The comedies are fond of scathing satire on ugly and backward things with exaggerated expression techniques to stress on the conflicts between them and normal things. What’s more, the final results of comedy movies and comedy TV are often easy and perfect.

Canadian Dollar Coins That Have Gone Loony – Comical Canada, Eh!

We have the loony that was introduced in 1987 to us Canadians, which by the way have a comical way of poking fun at ourselves. Who can make great jokes other than a Canadian on a government wage.

Laughing Off Your Blues and Blahs

Funny quotes about life are designed to entertain and enlighten us. They give us a clearer picture of what life is in general. These funny quotes I have selected are my personal favorite. They have served as my guiding principle in living my life.

Spring is Almost Here and All That Goes With It

This is a very funny article about the season of spring. It is also a very humorous look at Congress at this time of year or actually any time.

Short Funny Quotes & The Best Ways to Share Them

We all love to be entertaining and engage our friends in good conversation and nothing can bond us like a good laugh. Short funny quotes are very popular to relieve some of the tensions of the day and not take life so seriously. The gift of the laughter keeps us young and keeps us connected.

3 Juvenile Practical Jokes You May Enjoy

I like humor. I like practical jokes. Most people do, often to the extent that they are even embarrassed over what they find funny.

Life and Having Fun

Watching cartoons has been part of my daily routine. There are lots of things that you can learn from them like having fun and not taking life too seriously. The cartoon characters often portray the kind of life that we live each day; chaotic, fun, difficult, queer, strange and sometime a mixture of all these.

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