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Learning How to Be Funny is Not a Simple Task

Learning how to be funny is actually not excessively difficult. You will run across a plethora of things on the internet that state that they can make you become funny and teach you the ropes in order to make you that way.

Humor – A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

We have to admit that not all people possess a good sense of humor. To some it may not be necessary but just imagine if everyone in the world lacked humor. It would definitely be a very boring place to live in.

Funny Questions About Life – Part 4

Here they are – even more Funny Questions About Life. After reading parts 1 through 3 your probably thought that was all there is. Well, you’re so wrong question breath. So if you’re ready to waste some more of your life pondering these profound questions of profundity – read on!

My 56 Chevy

I remember my first car. It was a 1956 Chevy. My parents purchased the car when it was new. It did not have a radio, seat belts, and a heater or power anything. It came with 2/60 air conditioning, that’s two windows cranked down, driving 60 MPH. If you wanted the windows down you cranked ’em down by hand, one at a time.

What a Cute Little Bear

Three friends of mine had worked together as loggers a number of years ago. They lived together, so they also went to work together.

A Humorous Look at the Origin of Golf

Ian McAndrews walked his sheep deep into the meadows of 16th century Scotland. He was unhappy with his flock’s appearance. Their once lustrous coats seemed dull and had a bad case of split ends.

Vampires Are More Than a Laughing Matter

If it is dark, don’t go outside unless you see lots of lights. If it is windy, these blood sucking creatures love to glide through the wind noiselessly; this also helps them gather speed where they can float up out of sight above the lights – they like to be invisible.

Men – Can’t Find It

Most women complain that men are blind when it comes to finding things. Yes you can describe exactly where it is, but we simply can’t see it. It’s actually not our fault. We were not born with the correct equipment for specific item recognition and our path directional indicator is easily disturbed when viewing too many objects.

How to Know If You’re Dumb and How to Deal With It

Many people have an ability to embrace common sense and have a higher intelligence than most. There are those among us though that are not so bright.

Get Your Flying Car Out of My Gated Community!

There is a big joke in the innovation and invention sector and it is something you say when someone says; “In the future they will be using my device and invention everywhere, everyone will have one, and it will be the greatest thing since sliced bread.” And then everyone laughs and someone says something like this; “Ya sure, and where is my flying car?” You hear this a lot at the futurist conferences, as we were all promised flying cars back in the 1930s, and today we are still without.

The Health Benefits of Laughter

A person who laughs will have a stronger immune system. Laughing strengthens your bodies’ defenses against invading germs and bacteria. A person who laughs frequently will experience less colds and other viruses than his or her non-laughing counterpart. And if a person who laughs often does become ill, the duration of the sickness is shorter. So go ahead and laugh more; it will keep sicknesses at bay.

1970s Toys Were So Much Fun!

Ever thought back to the wonderful 1970s and remembered all the toys that you used to play with? I know that I have. There were some fantastic toys during that era.

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