The Jake Paul Interview: Tommy Fury Backs Out – IMPAULSIVE EP. 304

Staying on the Funny Side – Of Kitchen Gadgets

Show me a woman in a dated hairdo and a pantsuit, waving her hand over a seventy-five-piece plastic monogrammed food packaging and storage system, and my pulse starts to race. Show me the whole family frolicking (is that still a word?) through the meadow with the dog and the handy dandy monogrammed food packaging carrying case on wheels with the drink holder and solar radio, and I’m diving for my credit card.

The Three Bears – Unplugged

Dad was a man’s man and didn’t really know that much about telling his kids bedtime stories. So, he would take the classics and give his own hilarious interpretations. As a belated Father’s Day card, here’s one of them. Mother Goose will never be the same.

Dance Moves You Shouldn’t Get Caught Doing – No Matter What!

Havelock Ellis once said, “Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.” That said, I’m betting my moolah the following dance moves, collected from various points in a 30 yr old guy’s life aren’t exactly what you’d call art nor would anyone want to get caught doing it.

Look For a Reason to Smile

Words and phrases such as office and corporate may conjure different sets of images and ideas in different people all over the world. However all of them have one thing definitely in common which is the thought of the mood and atmosphere that are generally connected or associated with a corporate setup or an office space. Description of such ambiance and the vibes being generated essentially varies from serious, stern, forbidding to extreme ones such as cold, aloof, unfriendly and even grim. But, what if lung bursting humorous material is concealed in the same space, which on giving a closer look will surely change people’s ideas and notions about the office and corporate atmosphere and portray the gloomy interiors as full of rib tickling stuff that will make even a Laurel and Hardy episode tame beside it?

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Pick Your Nose

Your mother told you this when you were two bricks and a sixpence high, but did you listen? She had a lot of reasons for telling you to never pick your nose. Maybe these are some of them…

Seven Guidelines to Use Humor in Sensitive Situations

Other sensitive situations, such as loss, crisis, illness, death, disaster, or disability also benefit from the proper use of humor. Not knowing how to respond to this type of humor can elevate the already high levels of stress and tension surrounding these circumstances.

How to Speak in South African Slang

The South African slang in this article has got to be one of the weirdest concoctions of language going. What with kief flatdogs I checked my Bru! Come learn the lingo!

Mad Ride Operator

Based on true stories about various unsavoury operators in the amusement industry. Unfortunately these people are seen as the true Carny not the clean, well organised operators who are the vast majority in our great business.

Sgt Slaughter, DDS

WWF great Sgt. Slaughter is thinking about a new career. Here’s a television commercial script that he might do if he ever took up dentistry.

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