Seinfeld Stand Up Comedy

I’ve been a comedy fan for all my adult life. I’ve seen so many different styles of comedians that I feel like I’m an expert in detecting a comedian who is consistently funny. From the early days of comedy (Jack Benny, for instance) to today’s headliners, nobody has reached the comedic level of Jerry Seinfeld. By virtually any measurement, he is the most successful comedian who ever lived.

What Are 5 Things You Don’t Want to Leave in a Taxi?

How many times have you been travelling to work in a Taxi and left your gloves behind? Or been on a night out and left a wallet which has slipped from your back pocket?

The Humorous Or Sexy Viral Email – An Internet Tradition

What is viral email? Viral email is the email that gets forwarded around the Internet. This is an Internet tradition that goes back to the early days of the web and email.

Comedy Magician – Penn and Teller Are the Kings!

I have long admired the comedy magician act of Penn and Teller. They initially impressed me with their totally unique act from numerous appearances on David Letterman, and later on their Showtime series. It’s incredible that nobody in the history of entertainment (as far as I know) successfully intertwined comedy with magic.

Comedy Hypnotist

Have you witnessed a good, comedy hypnotist act? If not, you owe to yourself to find an opportunity to do so.

Clean Comedians

Although the loud, bombastic, and potty-mouth comedians tend to get the most publicity, it should be noted that clean comedians are also finding prominence in the world of entertainment. Their core audience has traditionally been in corporate outings and conventions.

Funny Comedian to Heal You

A Funny Comedian as your doctor? This may sound, excuse the word play here, funny, but there’s some truth to it. If the comedian is really good, she will make you laugh real hard.

How To Become A Successful Comedian Part 2 – Questions And Answers

This is a follow up to my article How to Become a Successful Comedian. When I was directing my comedy improvisational group we had a standup comedy night for the students every few weeks as I wanted to give them a chance to find out what it was like to get up in front of people and get laughs.

Standup Comedians Make a Stand For Your Overall Health

Standup Comedians are truly good for you. They make you laugh so strong giving you health benefits which are difficult to ignore.

Unusual City Monikers – What’s in a Name Anyway?

Where in the world do you live? Are you historically installed in Plymouth or Hartford or are you spending your family moments in politically inspired Cleveland? Whether you’re a native of Buttzville, GA or Ticktown, VA, you’re in good company with other folks living in interestingly named places such as Institution and Crackertown.

A Funny Comedian List – Who Are the Funniest of All Time?

I’m of the opinion that there is nothing better than a night of comedy. Nothing soothes the soul and calms the troubled waters of life (at least temporarily) than a good belly laugh delivered by a funny comedian.

Short One Liner Jokes

What are jokes? Jokes are a form of entertainment and communicated via short story with the purpose of being hilarious.

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