The Time Mr. Beast Almost Died – IMPAULSIVE EP. 291

Organic Comedy (Not About Body Parts)

A look into the rise of the Arabic American Comedy trend. This trend starting around year 2000 may be perceived by a bystander as an orchestrated event of bringing to the stage new age western comedians of Middle Eastern decent…

Share Your Every Moments of Laughter and Happiness

Funny YouTube videos are getting popular on many people. Some consider it as a therapy from a hard days work. If they badly needed to be cheered up, they would just browse on the internet and search for funny videos.

10 Ways to Feel Like Grace Kelly, Or Really Worry Your Parents

Ever wanted to be a Hollywood fashion icon turned princess? Find out how you can feel like Grace Kelly in just minutes a day!

4 Stupidly Annoying Gym Behaviors

I am happy to say that so far this year, I have been pretty regularly getting to the gym. While it has been great for my health, the experience has lead me to repeatedly observe some stupid behaviors totally lacking in common courtesy that I just don’t understand. Here are the five most egregious…

“If You Are Crazy Go Get a Job in Washington DC, No One Will Notice” He Said

They say that too much stress can cause a man to drink. They also say that mental issues are a disability, and that someone that has lost there marbles should not be in the workforce, rather the taxpayers should somehow foot the bill for them to live. Indeed, many of us fundamentally disagree with that, but at the same time we do not want hostile people in the workforce because it could be dangerous.

How to Plan a Kids Party – Important Points to Note

One can get the complete help on how to plan a kids party from start to end, on decisions like theme for the party, games and activities, party suppliers and many more on internet that save time and energy. The preparation and leading to its success, the kids party requires lots of planning and implementation.

If Jesus Was on Twitter, What Would Jesus Tweet? (WWJT)

Do you remember the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) phenomenon? That was the craze in the mid 90’s, and the acronym appeared on hats, clothing, wrist bracelets, and all sorts of jewelry. The acronym served as a conscious guide as to What Would Jesus Do in certain situations.

Laugh Against All the Odds

In this period of time, we are still experiencing massive loss. People have been lay off from work due to this global crisis. The worldwide recession affected many people in various factors most especially in the financial aspect of the certain individual.

Life Filled With Laughter

Life without friends is like living in an island all by your own self. There is always a feeling of emptiness inside, everything in life seem to be dull and boring. Every action is meaningless because you don’t have friends to share it with.

Watch Funny Videos and Laugh

There are a lot of reasons to smile and laugh. Hence, nobody has been disallowed to laugh and be merry. Laughing is considered a food of life, just like any food that we eat; we need some laughter in order to regenerate ourselves and our body.

Comedy Clubs in Minnesota

Comedy clubs are a great option for social outings, whether it is a group of people or a couple’s night out. This article may be especially helpful for those that like a few good laughs as a form of entertainment, and have an appreciation for the fun environment of a comedy club. This article will delve into the comedy scene in Minnesota and help you take away some ideas for the comedy options that play a large role in the entertainment and nightlife of Minneapolis.

Classic Toilet Myths Debunked

A few toilet myths debunked. Find out if you should worry alligators before you sit on your next toilet.

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