The WWE Interview: Nikki Bella, Bobby Lashley & Riddle – IMPAULSIVE EP. 288

Big Butts

I come from German ancestry, almost all of my forebearers, are German. I am a third generation, American. However because of excessive in-breeding by my Grandparents, I am almost all German by descent. Not too bad really, I was always a very good athlete, but there was one stigma I never could shake, The German big butt syndrome (GBBS).

A WW2 New Forest Cream Tea and a New Forest Pony Wee – What a Combination!

I’ve just discovered a funny tale about the New Forest during WW2 and what happened during an afternoon cream tea. Not an experience to be repeated. The New Forest always has a funny tale to unfold, even during World War Two apparently!

Why Funny Quotes About Life Are Good For You

The modern-day world can be quite stressful. It seems that no matter how much money you have, or how little money you have, everyone has got something to worry about. This is especially so with the way that the modern-day economy is going.

Social Problems – Coffee Drinkers Are Socially Imbalanced and Inept

Social problems of the world begin with coffee. There are no other social issues greater than those created by coffee drinkers when they take up space in the diner to drink coffee and gossip. If you’re not a social outcast, you won’t be drinking coffee. Come clatter over coffee drinking about social problems and ineptitude.

Claustrophobic Humor

Adversity is not exactly a humorous situation to be in. But human beings have it in them to laugh many of such situations off. No matter if their mirth is sort of a panic reaction. What matters is that it helps.

Lightening Stress With Laughter

Stress is something that is in each of our lives and is challenging to fend off. For some of us there are many problems in work and in the home that it may be so challenging to avoid the strains that come with the territory. There are several methods in which we are able to alleviate that stress – but a great deal times they are too costly.

Funny Quotes About Life – Where to Use Them

Laughter is perhaps one of the most important and necessary ingredients of a happy and fulfilling life. It is a free medicine that keeps you away from all other medicines. It keeps you fit and healthy, physically and mentally.

Five Extremely Funny Life Quotes to Make You Laugh

Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine for your health. It keeps you fit and healthy. Several studies have proved that laughter protects you from heart attack. After a good laugh, you feel much more relaxed and calm.

The Holy Speeding Ticket

I’m a police chaplain and also a part time police officer in a small rural town. There are some interesting stories that have taken place with this new duty as an officer. Here is one of them.

How to Annoy People on Elevators

Do you have those moments where you go out somewhere but are so bored that you desperately need something to do? Well, I have the perfect idea for you. If you are in an area where there is an elevator, why don’t you do some things that will annoy the people that are riding the elevator with you and have fun at the same time? Get some laughs with some embarrassing, but hilarious, ideas.

Ego Play in Humor

Humorous exchanges are meant to lift your spirits, cheer you up. The fact that cross egos act as a strong undercurrent for such exchanges make these even more interesting.

Air Conditioners Never Die at a Good Time

So our air conditioner decided to die. Naturally they never die when it’s 80 degrees. There is something built into the mechanism that guarantees that they will only fail when the temperature is above 90 degrees. It works the same way with washing machines.

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