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Funny Videos – Your Daily Dose of Humor

If you have a funny bone, and appreciate good humor, then funny videos are likely to be your cup of tea. The internet abound with many genres of funny videos. The best part is that these sites are updated daily and tend to showcase never-before-seen varieties every day.

Funny, Rude, Free – Ecards As Greetings

If you are one those pranks or humorous guys looking for a funny rude free ecard, then it is not that difficult to find one. With the high speed of internet advancement, an online social utility site may have one of these things you are looking for.

My Best Friend – Turn the Other Cheek

I’ve been told traumatic events can effect one’s physical body. I can’t smell. Unless a herd of skunks has taken up residence on my feet with their southern extremities aimed at my useless nostrils, I might get a waft of something.

The Six Million Dollar Man is Selling Hearing Aids

In 1974 I was five years old and there were only a handful of men that I looked up to. A handful of men that I wanted to emulate and be like. They included my father, Evel Knievel, Arthur Fonzarelli, and Colonel Steve Austin.

Are You Serious?

Desperate to not think, not write and not hear about the Presidential Race I scoured the news for stories that would amuse, or force me to shake my head in wonder instead of disgust. I found three such gems. A car thief in Salinas California was recently bested by yet another criminal.

My Dream of Becoming a Traveling Salesman

It was my childhood dream to live in motels and eat my three squares and Denny’s. A child of the 1970’s, I thought I could have it all by becoming a traveling salesman.

Are Prank Calls Legal in the UK & Ireland?

With so many conflicting views surrounding the legalities of prank calls, it’s sometimes hard to decide what the facts are. Read this article to find out all about the legalities of making prank calls.

Reincarnation – People Are Animals, Too

If you have your doubts about reincarnation, then read on. This article may blow the lid off the connection between reincarnation and our little furry and feathered friends.

Funny Stock Symbols – Good For a Lil’ Laugh

I searched deep through the ‘investment closet’ for the most unusual stock symbols. Finding some really hilarious ones, I decided to share them with you… hopefully igniting some giggles along the way!

Grievances Against the Time Known As “6 AM”

This is my formal application to have the time known as “6 am” terminated from my day and possibly from the world. The following is a list of grievances and arguments as to why I have come to this decision and intend to follow through with it. As you can tell the arguments are many and easily out weigh any possible positive reasons for the times existence (most involving the fact that it’s impossible for it not to exist).

It’s Tough Being an Active Hero

On my back passenger window I have a sticker from the FOP, Fraternal Order of Police, indicating that I am an active supporter — or, at least I was in 2004. This basically means that someone from the FOP called me while I was watching TV one day and I pledged to donate five dollars in order to get the person off of the phone. If that is not support, I am not sure what is. So, after making my promise, I received a bill in the mail along with the sticker that I was supposed to put on my car so that people who walk by it know that I am a sucker, I mean, supporter. Over the years I have felt a special connection to other cars with FOP stickers, especially stickers from 2004.

Kids in America (In Libraries)

There are a lot of places that are not suitable for kids: torture chambers, bottomless pits, McDonald’s, etc. I would like to add one more to this list — the library. Now, I can already anticipate the reaction to this: “But how can you ban kids from the library? That’s not fair. I am going to murder you with a knife.” And I understand that reaction, but I am not stating that I want to ban kids from libraries; more so, I don’t want to see them in libraries.

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