What Makes a Good Viral Meme?

In this article I will talk about what makes a good viral internet meme. There are many qualities to a good meme as I will discuss.

The Bedpan

Ever tried to use a bedpan? If so, you will certainly identify with Walt as he has his first encounter with the portable throne!

Smartest President EVER!

We’re in a tight spot here in America, possibly because NO ONE could’ve realized how badly the previous U.S. administration had balled things up – not even the smartest president ever, who got us to give him the job based on the assurance that he – and only he – could fix it. Here we are, though, more than three years later, and just look at how brilliantly it’s all coming together….

Keith Stone Pipeline – Is It Really That Bad?

Everyone seems to like beer including Unions, Obama and all my friends – why wouldn’t you want a pipeline? Our opinion says there are outside forces at work.

The Dream Book Versus The Internet

The first Sears catalog was published in 1888. By 1894, it had grown to 322 pages. They had car parts and cars (1905-1915 by Lincoln Motor Car Works), tools and underwear, motorbikes and tableware, shoes, socks, potting soil, perfume, eyeliner, sewing machines and fabrics.

Predictions for 2012

Here in the middle of an insane Christmas gig season, I’m beginning to think past the holidays about the New Year 2012. My predictions and projections are as follows: An App for that: Every human function will have an app by the end of the year.

Read This Story – Then Weep for the Future of Civilization

Are you optimistic about the future of civilization? Stop it.

What’s With The Party-Pooper In Chief?

Normally I’m very supportive of our president. After all, he has the toughest job on the planet, and it must be incredibly difficult to get up every day and do the often-self-abasing things he has to do to get the job done (meaning, get re-elected with a record of “governance” like his). But he’s really dropped the ball on this Keystone Pipeline thing. I mean, Mardi Gras is right around the corner, and he’s depriving the gulf states of the smoothest Got-danged beer out there….

The JoJo Chronicles

The pebble inside the shoe…the left one throbbing like a thorn to a throne, under his left foot toes. Jojo stamped his feet casually, hoping the pebble would slide down the side. Pebble was static. Wish he just could reach out and yank out his shoes and set his toes free…

Top Tips to Get Started on Twitter (A Parody)

This is a parody of tips on how to start twittering for those who enjoys a random making fun of things. Suitable for Twitter-addicts, Twitter-haters and average Joes.

Good Songs Gone Wild

The bad side of Santa that people don’t know about. OR, how a nice holiday tune with just a few changes, can turn nasty.

One Percent Rap, Dog!

Let’s rap about that evil One Percent, testament! They cry, they occupy, downtown in stinky tents. Ain’t fair that some got money, while other mothers don’t.

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