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What Makes an Online Video A Great Video on YouTube? The Basic Rules

Working at the viral videos market, viewing dozens of successful viral videos every day and picking the top of it to appear on our website, we have come up with the very basic guidelines for creating a successful viral video. 1. Your video should never ever cross the 3:00 minute limit, preferably staying within 1:30-2:00 minutes.

What To Do If Abducted By Aliens

You probably don’t believe in alien abductions. Most people don’t until it happens to them. However, due to the large and ever increasing number of reports of abductions it couldn’t hurt to be prepared.

The Disturbing Facts of Velcro

This informational article allows readers to gain a unique understanding of the workings and mechanics of the commonly used fabric Velcro. It includes everything a reader would like to know about this material and will hopefully open your eyes to the wonders of bio-textiles.

Funny Questions About Life – Part 6

You mean there’s more funny questions about life that have no answers? You betcha, and we’ve culled the far corners of the earth to find them. Wait a minute, if the earth is round… oh, never mind. Read on!

The Bible and Hippocrates on Hemorrhoids

In the Bible, God uses hemorrhoids as a punishment, as a weapon, and as a currency. God threatens to smite Israel with incurable hemorrhoids if they become wicked (Deuteronomy 28:27). The Lord smites the secret parts of the Philistines with hemorrhoids to convince them to give the Ark of the Covenant back to Israel (1 Samuel 5:6-12).

Cling On, Bitter Clingers!

I’m going to cling on. I don’t feel particularly bitter, but perhaps my newfound optimism over our generosity toward Egypt will make me a “better” clinger. And if our payments to them end up coming back to us in the form of heightened threats in the never-ending War On Terror, well, who knows? Guns and religion might both come in handy…

Did You Forget Your Password – Call The Hackers They’ve Got It, No Need to Remember It Now

Have you ever went online and wanted to do something, but immediately found out you needed to log-in and give your password, only to realize that you don’t even remember what your password is? Then you see a little button; Forgot Password. So, then it tells you to type in your email address and it will send it to you.

Warning Signs for Men to Avoid Longaberger Basket Hell

The country is currently struggling through many problems; crime, global warming, threats of terrorism, etc… But a new issue has slowly been weaving its way into the lives of married men throughout the country. The Longaberger basket is overtaking the homes and financial well being of men at a rapid pace.

Presenting The Unprecedented President

This week, President Obama used his favorite word several more times. That word is “unprecedented.” Easily, the present president has used that word to a degree which is without precedent, unprecedented by any of the preceding previous presidents who previously preceded him. Easily….

Funny Things About Safety

Safety is no laughing matter and yet it can be so funny. Think of a quarterback throwing a football into the opponents groin. How about a tiny pebble fifty stories up falling down and knocking out a 300 pound bully? Maybe it shouldn’t be funny, but is it?

The Mechanics of Comedy – How to Form a Fantastic Joke

Creating humor is part art, part science, and part guessing because you will never really know if it is truly funny until the audience responds with laughter. This article will try to minimize the guessing part and increase the chances of forming a fantastic joke by breaking down the mechanics of comedy into simple techniques.

Elevating Your Funnybone – Avoiding Crass Humor and Humorists

These days it seems humor has been hijacked. When you listen to stand-up comedians or watch sitcoms, you get the feeling that the writers have run out of good ideas in humor, and are now playing to the base emotions of the crowd. This article persuades you to look in upon your own sensitivities and shows you what to look for in searching for humor that is truly elegant and yet funny.

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