A Faustian Bargain

As I finished my last drink and prepared to retire for the night, the door bell chimed. A tall, dark, handsome gentleman, immaculately dressed as if he were returning from a dinner at Buckingham Palace stood outside. His skin, although dark, looked exceptionally bright with a strange sheen, and his eyes sparkled.

Humour – Makes Life Enjoyable

Humor has great importance in life. It makes life interesting and enjoyable. Each of us has different sense of humor. It also depends on a person’s point of view, but we can find humor in our our day to day life. So we should make our life enjoyable by humor and jokes.

Office Humor: The Fine Line Between a Laugh and a Pink Slip

As every office worker knows, good office pranks and jokes help you get through a monotonous work day. But some humor is definitely not work appropriate. This article discusses some pranks that are office safe, and other humor that may get you fired.

How To Write Comedy To Make People Laugh Part 6

This is perhaps the most difficult article to write, because comedy is so subjective. That is, what may be funny to someone may be offensive to another. Then what does it take to write good comedy that can make people laugh.

Your Guide to the Best Comedy Acts in 2011

If you’re in search of a hearty laugh and proper start to 2011, you ought to try to get your hands on some of the best comedy tickets coming to a sold-out theatre nearest you. In 2011, you can find some old favorites on the British comedian’s circuit, as well as some fresh newcomers to the entertainment business.

My Grandpa Went Fishing

I love my grandpa, I really do. I used to spend long time with him when I was young, he was always supporting me and try to amuse me all the time. He took me to watch football matches, theatres, cinemas and of course fishing.

One Liner Jokes and Humor for Healthy Life

Sharing one liner jokes is the best thing when you want laughter and happiness for your friends and family. There are lots of things happen in our daily life but after all stresses of life we need to find a reason for happiness to move on. One should keep his business life and family life separate. Everyone wants success but you should not forget to live your life. The wise way to live life well is keep smiling and enjoy each moment.

Method Writing

I waited for my muse to show up, inspire and guide me for my blog for the following day while sitting on the beach. The clear, cloudless sky, the nip in the weather, the stars blossoming one by one, and salt in the air provided the right ambience for romance and for my muse to come flying. I could see many couples nestled together taking advantage of the fine weather.

The Wisdom of the Ages

There are certain truths that hold up over time and are just as meaningful as they were the day they were thought of. This is a loose interpretation of an old tale that has been around forever, the original Author is unknown.

Keep Your High-Tech Gadgets And Give Me The Simple Life

I love all the goodies and gadgets in our increasingly high-tech world. I confess, if I were a rich guy with too much time on my hands, I’d probably buy one of each and spend way too many hours of my life playing with them. But deep within my heart and soul, I also confess that I’m glad I cannot afford a full course of such, well–time wasters.

Why Everyone Is Playing Would You Rather and Why You Should Be Too

A definitive guide to the game Would You Rather with great examples of how to play to get you started. Get the official rules, and help with figuring out your own questions. In no time you will be playing like a pro.

Overtaking My Colonial Master

My Dad believes it’s covetous to attempt to offload your bowel in order to make room for unfinished food. So, it’s either you visit the toilet to offload your bowel before joining him at the dinning or load to offload later. Unlike Nigerians who are so considerate that they don’t clear their nostril in the public places as those around may be offended, in the UK I have seen instances in the bus or train where people openly blew their nostril into tissue papers or handkerchiefs. I remember two occasions in the canteen where people cleared their nostrils with heavy blast while I enjoyed the popular fish and chips in my work canteen. If this is done in Nigeria you will be openly reprimanded.

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