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Top 10 Comedy Movies

What makes a great comedy endure? Is it the test of time or something deeper? The following is a list of comedies that have endured for decades.

Why Everyone Knows Who Hank Aaron Is

Everybody knows who Henry Louis Aaron is, but not everyone wants to know who Barry Bonds is. Why? Same reason the road runner (in the cartoon shows) outshines the “wily” coyote. Because he just runs without rocket shoes or cheating tricks.

Scavenge for Food Like a Pro After the Zombie Apocalypse

Learn the proper technique for scavenging for food in zombie-infested towns and neighborhoods. This short article is all you need to be successful in finding food for you and your group of zombie-killing machines! Go Humanity!

Getting Rid of Rank Zombie Bad Breath and Smelling Like a Million Bucks After the Zombie Apocalypse

What is that smell? Something bad you ate? Your ragged, falling apart apparel? NO! It’s HH! Hemoglobin Halitosis, otherwise known as the foul, evil smelling Zombie Mouth Rot! Here’s a few suggestions on ways to neutralize those evil odors and return your nose to the land of the living, even though you are living in the Land of the Living Undead.

How to Own a Dog Without All the Work!

Do you secretly want a dog but either a) can’t afford it or b) don’t have the time? Don’t give up hope, there is a solution!

Shoot Me Now Theatre Presents

My 80 year old Dad spends the winter at a Florida “camp” for seniors. If this is what retirement brings, it’s very possible I will work until the day I die.

The Expendable Socialist Millionaire

If anything looks at things differently, it is this article. In a world where Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are considered the most serious news anchors on television, and Shepard Smith and Erin Burnett are humorous establishment mouthpieces, this article could be a “breath of fresh air”.

Why I Became a Writer Instead of a Nun

I liked the taste of communion wafers pressed against the roof of my mouth. But nun cake was a big disappointment. I discovered that nuns can’t bake cake and apparently God is a tattle-taler.

Tips and Tricks That Can Make You Successful in Standup Comedy

Standup is multibillion dollar business that revolves around creating laughter. It is actually quite a rewarding profession both on personal and personal fronts.

Is There A Comedy Gene?

Does our sense of humor depend on our genes? What are the respective roles of nature vs. nurture in understanding the origin of comedy? How can we study this scientifically?

Why Are There So Few Female Mad Scientists?

There’s been a consistent historical imbalance in the world of the mad scientist: Almost all of them are male? Why are there so few females and how can we correct this inequality?

The Call for Healthcare Speakers and Futurists

Along with the worldly sicknesses comes other mundane element, such as hypertension, stress, anxiety, obesity etc. A perfect example would be a middle-aged woman who habitually takes heavy doses of medications for stress relief which in turn harms their nervous system adversely. Yet another instance that you may have come across often is that of an adolescent kid who has been rehabilitated after a period of substance abuse.

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