This Was A Mistake

Are You Breathing Happy?

Thoughts on TV commercials. Always have in mind that marketing experts are always underestimating our intelligence.

The Secrets of Life

“The first rule of (the Secrets of Life) is: you don’t ever talk about (the Secrets of Life).” This is a direct quote from Brad Pitt. But I’m going to talk about them, for just this one instance… because it’s important that everyone knows these secrets. I mean, everyone knows them, of course… that’s why everyone does them, but just in case, under the bizarre circumstance that someone didn’t know one of these rules, I think it’s best that we talk about them just this once. That way no one has an unfair advantage over anyone else in the game of life. (Like the time that paraplegic was allowed to run in the Olympics against those “non-prosthetic-legged” people… so unfair.)

How Did the Tradition of Men Opening Doors Get Started? This Is What I Think

Why do you think men open doors for women? Well these are some of my thoughts they are not proven nor can they be disapproved. Just another way to look at things.

In Praise of Separate Bedrooms

This is a humorous, though truthful article about being married to a man who snores like a trooper. It describes my various futile attempts to find a solution, and how I cope with this situation.

English ‘Humble’ Politeness

When it comes to good manners both the English and Frenchman in me are equally convinced that in a civilized society generally-agreed codes of respect and consideration towards others – especially when strangers or barely known – are vital in reducing the risk of conflict or offence in the requests, agreements, refusals, apologies, greetings and partings which are so much a part of our everyday lives. Both are also not without knowing that polite behaviour consists in maintaining a fine balance between showing you think well of others, and not giving others the impression you think too well of yourself…

We Are Turning Our Politicians Into Fat Fannied Bureaucrats Who Can’t Think

The other day someone told me I should run for the local City Council. I laughed at them profusely. They told me that I could do a very good job. That quite frankly it’s BS, because the way I see it all of these City Council people, County Commissioners, State Representatives, and even members of Congress sit in committees, forums, and legislative groups all day long making more rules and regulations.

The Creation and Demise of Joy the Evil Franken-Barbie

When I was nine years old, I attempted to make my own doll with an empty bottle of Lemon Fresh Joy and some spare Barbie body parts. My attempt was not a smashing success.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Brain?

Sometimes, I feel like drinking or smoking, but I do not do it. I cannot escape my problems with it or solve them. Dull my senses or temporarily escape? Maybe. But when I get sober, the problems are even worse. So, what is the point?

Homeless? Embrace Your Freedom And Enjoy The Ride!

There is a light at the end of the homeless tunnel. Everything that is experienced can be experienced with joy and laughter and real, true appreciation. Don’t overstay the welcome. Buy a postcard every now-and-again and send it to your hosts letting them know you are well, and what you are up to, and what your plans are for the future.

Fun Ways to Start Writing a Story

I know how hard it is for people to write short stories. I have been writing for many years now and my favorite genre is comedy. This article is to provide some helpful hints and tips on how to start a short story.

Is All Laughter Healthy?

Who hasn’t laughed at one of the most famous sketches in the history of British television comedy, the ‘Dead Parrot Sketch’ from Monty Python’s Flying Circus? Well, one person comes to mind. A rival political party had adopted the image of a bird for its logo. Margaret Thatcher’s speech writers encouraged her to quote from the dead parrot sketch to lampoon her rivals. This she did do at the party conference. But the story goes that she had been initially reluctant to use it because she just hadn’t found it funny. The sketch illustrates one common element in comedy which is delight at feeling superior to others, like when we laugh at their misfortunes or shortcomings in contrast to ourselves — like seeing someone hoodwinked by a pet salesman. The question arises whether laughing at the misfortunes of others is a good thing to do. Is all laughter healthy?

Jonathan Winters: Entertaining the Crew

Meeting famous actors and musicians was part of my job at the recording studio in Hollywood. None brightened my day like Jonathan Winters!

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