This Was Disgusting.

How Do You Write Comedy

I’m going to reveal one of the biggest secrets in comedy. Well, it’s not really a secret, but if you as comedians at the major comedy clubs what the number one element is for human laughter, they would say “a punch line,” or “timing.” Those are the two answers I’ve gotten when asking. But that doesn’t do us any good when we’re looking for the answers that will help us write better comedy material.

Bad Ideas for Rides and Shows at Disney World

Although Disney World is known for having some of the most spectacular and thrilling rides and shows in the world, not all ideas for proposed rides and shows at Disney World turned out so great. This author recently received an anonymous email from a famous Disney character (I can’t disclose who this fairy-tale whistleblower was for confidentiality reasons, but let’s just say she is right up there on the Princess totem pole) who decided to blow the lid off of this exclusive story. Take a look at some of the rides and shows that you and your children could have been enjoying at Disney World, if Disney officials had not put the big kibosh on the plans.

How to Tell a Joke and Be Funnier

Everyone wants to be able to tell a good joke or diss or witty comeback. We’ll tell you how.

Teen Comic – Neko White

Neko White started doing stand-up in New York City clubs at age 14. In the last five years, he’s earned the respect of some of the best comics in the business. Here’s how.

Need a Better Bit? Get Naked

In standup, you can’t worry about revealing too much of yourself, says this model turned comedian. As a former runway model, Valerie Jean Garduno was used to shedding her clothes between turns on the catwalk.

How To Use Humor To Stay Healthy

Stress has become a serious threat to the lives of a whole lot of people around the globe. As a result of this fact, people are dying daily from ailments that originated from stress. It is high time for us all to take this life threatening issue seriously and do something about it or else, we will definitely face the consequences.

Are You Havin’ A Laugh?

Laughter is something we can’t have too much of. And we’re now finding that regular doses of laughter can help to add years to our lives. This article introduces some of the multiple benefits of laughter.

Fun Things to Do While Waiting For Your Laundry

Doing laundry can be a terrible chore, especially when you have to sit and wait for laundry to finish from washer or dryer for an hour. I have few suggestions that may make the time to go faster!

How to Tell Funny Jokes

Learn the secrets to telling a good joke, and how to make sure that your jokes never go flat again. Get funny, we’ll show you how.

Cocky College Student Confident He’s Struck It Rich With ‘The Next Big Idea’

Local cocky college student, Brad Stilner, is confident has has ‘struck it rich’ with his new, big idea. His idea, yet to be announced, has something to do with the internet, sources speculate. As of now, he is smugly sitting in his dorm room, musing over the millions he expects to make.

While Millions Starve, Connecticut Man Is Torn Over Which Country Club to Join

Today, while millions of starving souls across the world hungered for the smallest morsel of food, local Connecticut man Johnson Malone had his own problems. He was torn between which country club to join: The snooty Green Haven or the more old-fashioned Golden Acres. “Starving people aren’t the only ones with problems” said Johnson Malone, who faces a tough decision that will powerfully affect his social standing.

Funny Comic Strips Are Stress Reducing Tools

You cannot deny the importance of wit and humor in our day to day lives, which is just like breathing fresh air for prompt relief. We crave for joy and happiness through all such aspects, which are available around us. Funny comic strips play a vibrant role in the right moment when we require the desired relief. Trivial activities are highlighted by characters with funny sketches with equally humorous text to create moments of joy and delight for the reader.

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