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Mommy Humor – Funny Short Story – Lying

Lying is a learned skill. Some people are good at it, and others are not. Poker players can’t win without being great at it. Politicians can’t get elected without perfecting the art. As parents, we need to be able to detect it. The key for the liar is knowing when to make the attempt (you can get away with it) and when to show restraint. Thankfully most of our young children are really bad at it now, but I predict that unfortunately they’ll get better at it as they get older.

Is Karl Pilkington a Fake?

Karl Pilkington is the internet phenomenon that shot to fame a few years ago through his series of Podcasts with fellow co-hosts Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant. Ricky and Steven are old friends and are responsible for writing, directing and acting in the award-winning TV show ‘The Office’ (which has now been translated and remade in over 20 different countries including America).

Funny Videos – Tickling Your Funny Bones

These days everyone is becoming technology friendly and getting well-versed with the usage of computers. Therefore, the popularity of Internet has increased a lot and has turned into a complete means of entertainment. Online videos is one of the most accessed feature on web and one can catch videos in different categories.

The Art of Cartoon

Humor is a very important part of life. It makes our life a pleasant experience. Cartoon is an art form that relies heavily on humor to express various emotions and views. It describes a funny aspect of a situation using drawing.

Why We Need Funny News

News is a piece of information about any current event. There are various kinds of news like current affairs news, sports news, entertainment news and funny news. Funny or add news is popular with readers as they are basically good human interest stories.

The Human Need For Jokes and Entertainment

People by nature want to see funny things and crack jokes. That is the reason why entertainment industry is a huge industry worth billions of dollars. Cinema, drama, music, dance, arts are some of the forms of entertainment.

Christmas Joke About Cyber Terrorism Hackers

This is a joke that might be appreciated by cyber and computer IT professionals. Cyber attacks and cyber terrorism have disrupted many US government computer systems. These hackers, many of them “patriotic hackers” from China have also hit many of the United States’ largest corporations. At the North Pole, a US territory, they also hit Santa Claus Corporation. But this time they stole the Christmas “wish lists” of 1.1 billion children.

Stage Hypnotist Shows in Great Demand With Corporations

Good motivational speakers and trainers can cost thousands of dollars and corporate planners are realizing they often don’t have the same impact as variety entertainment does. A stage hypnotist can provide a powerful message and build team spirit under the guise of hilarious fun.

Hypnotism Has Event Planners Laughing

Hypnotism is an event planners dream come true and the funny side of hypnotism has corporate audiences laughing. If you are an event organizer of any kind and you’re looking for a production that is guaranteed to get a positive and talk-about it response, then a comedy hypnotism show could be just for you.

The True Story of a Ghastly Night When I Met Nooney

Once in a dreadful, full of horror night while marching in a very deep and dense forest in a deserted Brassy island, I met, “Nooney”. She was standing with water all over her; in such unique standing position that was accurately and precisely metaphorical to the English letter, N.

My Life Would Have Been Better, If Only

As you get older you realize that maybe, just maybe, you should have actually listened to some of the advice you received when you were younger. I know I am not alone. We all thought we knew it all when we were seniors in high school, when we were seniors in college, when we turned thirty, when we turned forty.

Construction Industry Christmas Joke

This is a joke that would be appreciated by the construction industry, it is not politically correct. As you know Eskimos are protected by the United States Constitution. These indigenous Indians at the North Pole have filed a grievance with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. You see, some ancient (thought to be) Eskimo bones were found on the Corporate Campus of Santa Clause LLC at the North Pole next to Factory Building 5 and the new site for Factory Building 66, so all construction has been stopped. Santa said in an interview.

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