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Be Happy With the Right Joke

Jokes are a great way for people to lift their moods when they are sad or having a bad day. Sometimes Jokes have the ability to put a smile on our face when nothing else will work.

The World According to Children

We all have our own view of the world, and the one that children invent is pleasantly innocent and wacky at the same time. Here’s a list of things that most kids believe.

Funny Questions About Life – Part 2

Here comes more Funny Questions Of Life. Read and feel free to try to answer them. Not out loud of course.

British Parliament – Nation Shaken by New Revelations

The entire British nation was said to be in a state of shock this morning in the wake of last night’s leaked report from the police investigation into the affairs of MPs, which revealed that an MP may not be guilty of anything. A “close friend” of the Metropolitan Police told this reporter they are treating very seriously evidence that suggests a British MP may have colluded in a plot to destabilize the Parliamentary system by not fiddling his expenses.

In West Hollywood the Difference Between Pit Bulls and Soccer Dads is Lipstick!

West Hollywood is Los Angeles’ version of the Castro District in San Francisco, as it is predominately gay. And the homosexual crowd there is pretty down on Republicans, Christians and anyone of the majority of folks who voted against the Gay Marriage initiative there and they hate “George Bush” in a pretty vocal way, at least in the sit down eateries and coffee shops there. “To each his own,” would be the right attitude to take, as we live in a country of free speech.

“The Donkeyland Bums” (Afterward, to The Story)

In the story, and novelette, “The Donkeyland Bums,” in the concluding chapter, thereafter is an ‘Afterward,’ I have not shared it with you good readers, so here it is, although short at best, it winds up the three part story, and to be quite frank, I have not shared part two and three with you either, but for now I will share the Afterward. The story is about Chick Evens and John L. going on a trip from Minnesota to Long Beach in the fall of 1967, and the arrive back in St. Paul, just before Thanksgiving Day, and Chick Evens finds a place to live at Larry’s house his attic.

Learn to Be Funny – Start an Effective Presentation With a Joke

One of the easiest ways to learn to be humorous is to be able to start an effective presentation with a joke. However, it’s actually more than that. The way you start your presentation needs to be in two stages; you need a pre-introduction and then an introduction.

Vampire Life Part 5 – Breaking the News After a Successful Turning – The First Kiss!

You sit with his or her head on your lap, watching those once-stunning eyes as the loss of blood drains their color. This doesn’t affect your feelings does it?

The Funniest Words in the English Language

These are just a few of the funny-sounding words in English, along with a guess about their meanings for someone who is clueless… These words sound hilarious to me for some reason, and if someone didn’t know the meaning, one could provide a pretty good guess from the sound.

Comedy Night on Your Hen Weekend

A hen weekend should be something to remember with you and your favourite girls. A raucous night of fun and giggles is usually prescribed so it’s no surprise that a comedy evening has become a popular choice for hen nights in the UK. With venues up and down the country it’s easy to find somewhere that will help you laugh your socks off on that last weekend of freedom!

Retired Men’s Life, Living in a Pavilion

If our life is a curve, first rising and then falling, then we, the men and women in fifties, are on the wrong side of it-the slope side. And mind well, every slope is dangerous. Before two days I met one of my friends in garden, flinging his newly purchased stick. I asked him, ”How do you really feel? I mean you’re 57. Tell me honestly.”

Don’t Buy a Car That is Smarter Than You, Dave!

Let’s face it our cars are getting smarter and smarter every year and pretty soon we will have cars that drive themselves, like those robotic DARPA cars that are fully autonomous. In fact, there is already one company that is developing a robotic GPS pinpoint accurate garbage truck and street sweeper, and it will probably be on the market by 2012 for local municipalities who want to cut costs.

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