Too Hungover To Podcast – IMPAULSIVE EP. 265

Vital Pointers When You Would Like to Learn Standup Comedy

There are many resources that you will find once you start your search about how to learn standup comedy. It does not imply after reading all these, you will be in a position to hone the craft straightaway.

Make People Laugh When You Study Standup Comedy

Standup comedy can be punishing so you should make certain your viewers are having a fun time even if you are not actually feeling good. Whether you are sick or healthy, happy or sad, lively or sleepy, it will be your ultimate job to get people to laugh.

Achmed the Terrorist and Jeff Dunham – Are They Still a Funny Stand Up Comedy Routine?

Achmed The Dead Terrorist is literally one of those funny guys your family absolutely love to see and have an excellent old giggle to. And why not? What could be funnier besides a skeleton dummy who is just a daft and crazy ventriloquists dummy who can’t quite get the fact he has died.

10 Funny Questions That Boggle My Crazy Mind!

Have you ever been asked a question that well… just startled you a bit because you never in your mind thought of asking that yourself? As with all funny questions, the element of humor is there, but you’d appreciate them more because they all involve everyday living. And since we’re all accustomed to it, these queries never or rarely crossed our mind for a bit – until now. Which is why you’re here, isn’t it?

Twittering From the Final Frontier

Well, it had to happen. As we reach for the stars, it is only natural to take our vices, addictions and foibles with us into the great unknown. Expedition 22 Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer got on Twitter from the International Space Station! That’s right, he was twittering from space. First, Capital Hill and now the great unknown. We have truly arrived at the edges of technological silliness.

What is the Bottled Water Cooler Really For?

Consider for a moment one of the undisputed icons of the office environment. I refer of course to that totem of colleague interaction, the bottled water cooler. Surely few items in history have taken such an ingrained place in the nation’s psychology, yet there is a problem – what exactly is it for?

Facebook Users Eat Each Other’s Faces

A report from the National Public Nuisance news. Facebook users are alive, dead and in between. Read the Shocking Truth!

Fawlty Towers Anagrams – Just What is Written on the Sign in the Title Sequence?

Fawlty Towers is perhaps the funniest English Language TV Comedy ever made. They even messed around with the title sequence, fixing the hotel’s sign up with various full or partial anagrams of the show’s title. Now that’s funny.

Online Jokes – Catch the Humor!

What can be the best way to start your day? Chuckling on online jokes on your cell can be the answer to this.

Beware! The Dust Bunny Lurks Everywhere!

A maybe funny and not really factual short about Dust Bunnies and our constant battle with them. Beware of the fluffy balls of…stuff!

Silk Flowers May Affect Testosterone Levels in Men

An average guys foray into the world of silk flowers reveals insights into his manhood. Not really, it just threatens it.

Let it Snow

In the UK we don’t keep our pantomimes just for the theatre! Every year we have the annual snow pantomime where the public want precautions against snow and the authorities don’t want to spend, so pretend it will never happen. Hilarious stuff and so very British!

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