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Laughter Therapy: Mining the Moment

Whenever I speak to people on the therapeutic nature of humour I encourage them to become laughologists and in so doing commit themselves to a process I call mining the moment. When you mine the moment you examine each human experience for the humour it contains and laugh heartily when it is discovered. Most of us experience funny things happening to us, or those around us, every day.

10 Funny Quotations to Brighten Your Day and Enlighten Your Life

I believe that quotations, when they strike a chord with the reader, can affirm or challenge their position or beliefs and result in further reflection. When they evoke the response, “Isn’t that the truth?” or, “I never thought of that before!” or,” That was funny.” they have great value.

Superficiality: I Appear To Be, Therefore I Am

“Appearance” plays a major role in today’s society, where one’s focus too often is on “images” of success and achievement, rather than proof of accomplishment. In short, we tend to accept what we see without ferreting out what we need to know.

Stand Up Comedy Writing – Reviewing Your Act

Record your stand up comedy act and when you review your show, ensure that you have a list of your jokes next to you with space for writing a score for each one. Use a scale of A – F to rank each of your jokes as you listen to them during your review. An A joke is one that gets the most laughs; an F joke is one that gets crickets.

What Is a Joke?

It can be challenging to pinpoint what a joke is. When asked, many would say that a joke is something told to others to make them laugh.

A Funny Take on Sometimes Not-So-Funny Cubicle Experiences

Working in an open-office environment for hours on end, day after day, week after week alongside coworkers who are “cubicle nightmares” can truly be stressful. If you can’t afford to quit the cube farm, the next best thing is to laugh about it!

Stand Up Comedy Help

Stand up comedy help can come in many forms, from tips, feedback, writing help, and self-analysis. Improving your stand up comedy act is a constant process and you should constantly be seeking help and services. No matter how great your show is, you need to continually develop new material, perform the new show, polish the new show, and then return to developing new material and repeating the process all over again and again.

Writing Stand Up Comedy – Writing Tips

When writing stand up comedy, you especially want to read your jokes out loud to hear if they sound like a conversation. In stand up comedy writing, you want to sound natural in unnatural situations. If the flow does not make sense, or it sounds like you are forcing the jokes, the audience is not going to enjoy your routine.

Writing Stand Up Comedy in Four Steps

The jokes you use when writing stand up comedy can come from the joke writing process, random thoughts, something you heard from someone else, switching old jokes around, or from random setups. When writing stand up comedy, it doesn’t matter where your jokes come from as long as they are good jokes you will have a good routine. Because you have been writing stand up comedy and storing the jokes in your filing system, all you have to do is go into the files and pull out the jokes you want.

How Improvisation Is Used Well in Comedy

Whether you are a working on becoming a standup comedian or a humorous keynote speaker, the ability to improvise can often save your bacon. Luckily for you, improv can be learned and honed. These three techniques will show you how to get started.

Stupid Things

We all do stupid things; after all we are only human. I think the only really stupid thing is to do them a second or third time.

Humor Makes Our Life Easy

Humor makes our life simple and enjoyable. It fosters friendship and unites the people.

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