Visiting the Dog that Killed Maverick

2011 Predictions

The New Year is just around the corner and 2011 predictions are bound to cause a stir. After decorating the Christmas tree and relaxing with a festive glass of eggnog flavored with our favorite spirit, we pondered the unbelievable events of 2010. Even more implausible are our 2011 predictions during the “Year of the Rabbit…”

How To Tell If You Have A Good Doctor

Hilarious doctor experiences that will have your listeners rolling on the floor in laughter if you are not laughing too hard to tell the joke yourself. How to tell if you have a good or bad doctor.

‘Twas Some Weeks Before Christmas

I was heading to a meeting at Springwood in Logan City, Queensland, Australia when I was made an offer too good to refuse. My friend Ruth was so busy that she was unable to attend a Christmas networking lunch and she asked if I would like to attend in her place. I’m a pretty big guy… I was still recovering from a bad chest infection and felt pretty crook Anyway here goes….

Hilarious Christmas Bird Story You Just Won’t Believe

I can’t believe he ate the Christmas bird. What a mistake. That bird could speak two different languages. I guess he should’a said something!

How Farting Can Help Put Your Baby To Sleep

Discover how your farting can help put a fussy baby to sleep with the “Fart Method”. The Fart Method is the all natural way to help your baby sleep through the night.

Finding the Best Jokes and Gags

If you have a great sense of humor, you may enjoy finding jokes and gags to entertain yourself and your friends. Humor helps us through the tough times and also helps us create great memories with those that are important in our lives. Jokes are all relative, meaning that you may not get something that is funny to someone else.

Funny Motivational Posters Act As Demotivators

Motivational posters are a combination of impressive pictures and powerful words. These posters will help you to find the positive side of anything. Seeing these posters will also help you to attain mental stability and a mentally stable person can fight against all the problems of life. These motivational posters became very popular because these posters were inspirational posters were able to inspire the thoughts of the viewers. If you see the flip side of the inspirational posters, you will find the need of demotivational posters also.

A New Spin on Thinking Positive

The last few weeks for me have been awful and depressing. My wife has been telling me that I need to think positive thoughts instead of negative ones. She’s absolutely right too; it doesn’t help to be so negative all the time.

Alternatives to Love

You know those mornings. You wake up and have that zit towering from the tip of your nose. Your hair is a rugged mess. You smell of used socks and yesterday’s cologne. You are ready for romance. You helplessly look around the room, around the house and remember you’re 45 and still living in your parents’ basement. No fear, young bachelor!

Can Your Dreams Come True On The Internet?

Can your dreams on the Internet come true? Are your dreams coming true fact, fiction, or currently being realized. I would like to share with you some of my observations from the past little while. I removed my spam blocker from one of my email accounts just to see what was there.

Humor Column: The Only Blues You Should Be Playing Is BB King

You used to be able to shoot a round of golf in a few hours. Now a round of golf drags on longer than a weekend with your relatives. You play the first hole and then you wait. Finally, you tee off and then you wait. You go to your tee shot and wait until they are off the green. Slow play has never been worse. Let’s all learn to recognize and avoid these slow play sources…

So You Wanna Be a Stand Up Comedian?

At some point somebody’s parents said to their child “your nearing the end of high school what do you want to do with your life?” At some point people like Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams and the like said “I wanna be a stand up comedian.” What does a parent do?

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