WallStreetBets Founder Exposes Robinhood Corruption & GameStop Boom – IMPAULSIVE EP. 252

Santa Claus LLC Out of Business Due to Terrorist Attack at Christmas North Pole Base

A radicalized Polar Bear was reported terrorizing Santa Claus’ factory at the North Pole, and apparently there are lots of them terrorizing the North Pole Santa Claus LLC Head Quarters, and this was hardly the first time. You see, they were promised warmer weather by the Global Warming Alarmists, and so they’ve been having more offspring, now there are too many Polar Bears in the region and they are running out of seals to eat, so, they are looking for some more tasty morsels; Elves.

Achmed the Terrorist – Information From a Fans Point of View

Achmed the terrorist has fast become one of the funniest things to hit the planet, bar none! Here are some Achmed notes to read from a fans point of view – enjoy and brighten up your day, no matter where you are in the world. Achmed the terrorist is funny beyond comparison.

The Great Eggo Shortage of 2009 – A Christmas Without Waffles

What are we to do now that the holidays are upon us and there will be no waffles? How will America cope with the disaster of no Eggo’s to put our maple syrup on?

Santa Claus LLC Filed For Bankruptcy Today

Indeed, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there will be no Christmas this year. Unfortunately CNBC Business News is reporting that Santa Claus LLC has filed for bankruptcy today. The founders of Santa Claus LLC, Mr. Claus and Mrs. Claus said that they tried to run the business at a profit, but had difficulty due to over regulation and a multitude of hardships over the years.

Be Happy and Bring Laughter in Everyone’s Life by Playing Short Jokes

We all know that human being is a social animal. We can not survive without friends, family and social links. Smile is the main ingredient which binds us with each others.

How to Find the Best Jokes on Earth

When you would like to take some stress out from your life, one of the fastest ways to do this is to laugh. If you can find the best jokes on earth, you can also share the fun with the people who spend their time with you.

A History of Clowns

Almost everyone has had fun with a clown, from laughing at their stunts during the circus to having a balloon animal made for them at a birthday party, but most people don’t realize the long and rich history of clowns. Clowns started out as court jesters thousands of years ago. The first known account of a court jester was in 2500 BC in ancient Egypt.

Traits of Experienced Belly Dancers

A not-so-serious look at professional belly dancers. Belly dancing is a lively art that requires specialized skills which take time to polish.

Buy Buy Baby

Being witness to an adult punch-up is never a very edifying experience. At least at school when there was a fight you knew that a stocky little geography teacher would appear on the scene before anyone got too badly hurt. He’d bang the culprits’ heads together and march them off to be caned to within an inch of their lives and then, even more alarmingly, he’d make them shake hands.

House of the Rising Fun

The House Of The Rising Fun According to studies, the fourth most stressful experience known to modern man (after – and I offer them in no particular order – death, divorce and letting your girlfriend drive) is moving house. I don’t know why. If you’re considering buying a new place but worried about the transition go right ahead because, actually, moving can not only be stress-free, but also rather fun.

Home is Where the Art is

Do you want to know what makes an ideal home? Or an ideal garden? Well, today’s your lucky day.

Keep on Running

Apparently, lots of people are leaving their summer holiday bookings to the last minute this year in the hope of picking up a bargain. This is a good idea in theory but in practice it may mean that although you were hoping for ten days in Lanzarote, being a cheapskate has left you wandering around the hinterland of an unpronounceable country somewhere clutching your pre-packed sandwiches. Just in case, I thought some practical survival tips might be appropriate.

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