Dubai Souk and Creek

A newcomer to Dubai visits the textile souk and wanders along the Creek. Amazing sights.

Letter From Arabia – Cultural Misunderstandings

Observations of a newcomer to Dubai concerning how easy cultural misunderstandings can occur. Plus an attempt to become fleeced by an Italian.

Mom! He Got More Than I Got!

You will always find “prosperity” after “progressivism.” That is, if by “always find,” you are referring to looking these two words up in the dictionary. In the real world, of course, it turns out to be just the opposite… and subversives in our culture, from those who own a business to those who support one-percenters like Mitt Romney, always seem to fall all over themselves pointing this out….

I Want to Become More Funny

We are all funny in a way – some are just born with this talent, and being witty and entertaining comes perfectly naturally to them. As opposed to this, there are also people who don’t always succeed in making their interlocutors smile. They try, and try, and on their way to eliciting a smile, they have to go through all those awkward moments when no one is amused by their jokes, and face that terrible silence when people don’t respond to what should have been a funny story.

Stop the Turf Wars

The ongoing “turf wars” in my neighborhood are demoralizing. Gangland unrest is rampant.

What Grinch Stole Dr Seuss’ Lorax?

Dr. Seuss has passed on. But he left to his niece, for her garden, a wonderful, magical piece. This piece for his niece was so magical that you would have to say anyone’d want this small statue. But now it is gone. Purloined from the lawn! The niece says the piece is now gone from the lawn….

My Virtual Life As I Make It Up With The Help of Today’s Technology – Is There An App For That?

OMG, I need an app to find out who my BFF’s are IRL and maybe we can join a virtual book club to finger flip through the ‘pages’ of our virtual books. It is a great way to kindle our imaginary imaginations. How did we ever survive before electronics?

Pink Slime Will Save the World From Global Warming – Seriously, Ask PETA and the Alarmists

Okay so, I am okay with pink slime and believe all the global warming alarmists should eat it instead of meat. You see, next time they fire up the BBQ or order a hamburger they should get half pink slime and half beef. You may think that I am kidding here, but I assure you I am not.

How To Be A Comedian

As a professional touring comedian for 25 years, the number one question I get from people in the audience–besides, “Why’s your breath stink?”– is “How can I be a comedian?” I am going to try to help you tackle that challenge in this article. This isn’t a fail-safe, but it could help start to guide you in the right direction.

Caricature Drawings

Portraits and photos are so passe! For your fun side to liven up, use caricature!

Dying Is Easy, Killing Is Hard: The Evolution of Stand-Up Comedy

An article about the “Funny Business”, the history of stand-up comedy in America. CEO’s in the business of funny, class clowns take note! Know your audience, then ignore their advice: The Comedians Path.

How a Rip in My Pants Made Me Human Once Again

My preoccupation with buttons has given way to a much larger and fully realized tragedy. Today I battled one on one with a much more serious enemy. That would be my pants.

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