We Discovered A Hidden Mountain Lake

Learning the Art to Be a Successful Stand Up Comedian

The technique to learn standup comedy lies in the way you observe things. Always try to find humor in everything you do, the people you meet, the TV shows you watch etc. Don’t be an introvert. Communicate as much as you can with different types of people and gauge on the fact as what can hit their funny bone.

How Long Has Comedy As Entertainment Been Around for?

The oldest written comedy was written by a dramatist of the ancient Greek theater, Aristophanes. He wrote 40 comedies, and 11 of them are still being performed today. These ancient Greek comedies were based on “humor” that today would be called “politically incorrect.”

Not To Waste Time, But Take It To Do Something Productive

When something important needs doing, sometimes I would love to waste my time doing what I want to do. That is a purely human dilemma for all of us, right?

Independence Day, 2013

On July 4th the nation will commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which declared American independence from Great Britain in 1776. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and the recognition of the nation’s veterans.

It’s A Show, They Are Not Real: Please Stop

“Why did he just do that?!” Grasping your head, your jaw drops. Disbelief has just tainted the evening. Relax bud, it’s not the actor’s fault, we promise. It’s those darn pesky writers. It’s a show, please stop being that person.

1000 Mario Andretti’s: Meet My Rush-Hour Community

Rush hour traffic is definitely one thing that I will not miss in retirement. For years I have had the opportunity to commute in the not so wonderful, but definitely wacky world of rush-hour traffic. Want to know what a person is really like? Watch them behind the wheel of a car as their normally hidden psychopathologies emerge like Dracula from a coffin. I have noticed that there are a typical cast of characters on the freeway during rush hour. The cars and people may vary, but the behaviors are the same all contributing to the driving experience. This essay is a tongue-in-cheek look at six types of drivers I am sure you will recognize: Mario Weaver, Fastlane Freddie, Roger Roadrage, Sally Slowmo, Conrad Convoy, and Don Cruise (me making fun of myself). Add some fun to your next commute by seeing how many you can identify among the other drivers around you.

The Dowry

Why did they have the dowry? Why don’t we use it today? Well, I’ve done some thinking and I believe I came up with an answer. This article may make you dads want to bring it back into practice!

Don’t Go Into The Horse Pen Looking For A Pony If You Don’t Like Ponies!

Is being optimistic a good characteristic? How often do you try to help someone else with their problems? Here is a story on how not to get caught up in other peoples problems.

Great Books I Forgot to Write

Writers write and they never run out of ideas because there are so many things to write about in our great universe. And there are so many ways to approach a subject. You can be serious or not. You can write factually or factitiously. You can be an essayist or a poet. It is all up to you in your little world. Here are some books I never got around to writing. Sincerely, Taylor Jones, the Hack Writer.

Village: One City: Nil

Exploring the typical goings on in a village near you. In a ‘Bridget-Jones’-style persona, I explore the hilarities and humbling nature of typical village life in England, the good and the bad. Enjoy!

Whatever Happens, I Am Cool (Flexibility)

The worst can happen and the best can happen, but whatever happens, I am cool. To be flexible, is not to be idiotically bendable and breakable. But, it is to be realistic.

Learn to Talk Like a Hippie

Want to learn how to talk like a hippie? Whether you are planning a peace and love party or just want to learn some hippie slang, here is a short list of hippie words just for fun.

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