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The Secret to Comedy Network Daily Show Content

The comedy network daily show has grown in popularity over the years. It is mainly known for political satire and as a late night show, draws wide audiences from within and without. Correspondents of the show as well as writers are seasoned comedians who never fail in delivering comedy and entertainment above all things.

My Top Five Favorite Modern-Day Stand-Up Comedians

My favorite comedians. With the advent of the internet, and especially YouTube, anyone can now watch tens of thousands of hours of stand-up comedy, from the classics to the newest, freshest performers on the scene. I’ve become especially fond of a handful of modern-day comedians who are unique, clever, edgy and original. Here are five of my favorites.

Humor on the Internet

The internet is not just a place where you go to check your email and get the latest news. It is also home to some more relaxing and amusing sites. After a long day at work, a good way to lay back is to look at some online humor.

How Stand Up Comedians’ Funny Podcasts Are Dominating Internet Radio

Smart phones are making Internet radio more accessible than ever before and comedy podcasts are turning into an established form of entertainment. Instead of listening to commercial packed terrestrial radio, fans of talk radio are turning to the Internet to get original content from some of their favorite comedians in the form of podcasts.

Free Comedy – How to Find the Funniest Video Clips Online

The Internet is now front and center as the place to share a funny joke. Instead of knock-knock jokes and one liners people on the Internet enjoy sharing funny video clips. Quick, free and often times hilarious there are plenty of places to that end up hosting funny video clips online. Free comedy is everywhere on the Internet, and this helpful guide will show you the easiest and most reliable places to watch comedy online.

How to Choose Funny Stickers

Consider your own personality and your sense of humor when choosing funny stickers. After all, they should be a good reflection of you.

Funny Stickers Are Great for Any Occasion

Are you looking for a great gift that will show someone that you are thinking of them and that will make them smile today and every time they use it? If so, funny stickers can be the perfect bet.

Show Off Your Beliefs and Tastes Humorously With Funny Stickers

Are you proud of the things that you believe and stand for, but like to find a way to share your beliefs without just saying the same thing as everyone else? Are you looking for a more unique way to show the world that what you think is right or that what they think is just wrong?

A Different Midnight Knock

The funny rules of English grammar and different schools of thought about it. The celebrities flout the rules, but the common writers get nailed and jailed for the same mistakes. The funny rules of English grammar and different schools of thought about it. The celebrities flout the rules, but the common writers get nailed and jailed for the same mistakes.

Natural Selection Misfires Sometimes

I just poured this out of my head at 4:00 AM one day. I have written a comedic essay. I hope that there are some serious issues discussed here, but I was just having fun with some concerns about humanity.

An American TV’s Comedy Series, Love American Style

Love American Style is an American comedy series that is aired from September 29, 1969 to January 11, 1974 on ABC Network. It ran for five seasons and has total 108 episodes. The running time of each episode was adjusted to 30 minutes for season from 1970 to 1971, and 60 minutes for first two seasons.

The Male Chastity Belt

Recently a magazine carried an intriguing item about the male chastity belt among other things auctioned by Iberia the Spanish Airlines. The item was left behind by a passenger and remained unclaimed for more than eight months.

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