We Ran Away Together

11 Words From Yesteryear That Are No Longer Used

As the dictionary is now updated every year with new words such as buzzworthy, selfie and cake pop, do you ever wonder what happened to the terms and words that are no longer in common usage? The next generation might have a language all of their own but inventing new terms and words dates back almost to the invention of language itself.

The Distilled Wisdom of Beavis and Butt-Head

Beavis and Butt-head exposed as advanced spiritual masters. The hidden wisdom behind their apparently degraded dialog.

Thing Thong the Itch Is Dead

Sometimes an Angel appears in the strangest places to help you in times of trouble. And sometimes she takes you shopping for sexy underwear.

The 1960s – A Time Before Video Games and Cell Phones

Many movies depict life in the 60s as turbulent, trend setting, and full of all kinds of excitement. The truth is, most people just went through life and did the best they could, just like today. In fact, many people did quite well in spite of the fact they had no cell phones or video games. This article will provide a quick glimpse into the 60s that most young people are not privy to today.

Don’t Find Females With Mr. Winky

It is a scientific fact there is not one brain cell in testosterone. It amazing how stupid a guy can be in the pursuit of romance. This is another example of what not to do.

How To Choose A Standup Comedy Class

I show you some mistakes you can make when choosing a standup comedy class, as well as how to filter out unprofessional comedy teachers. My article is based on personal experience from spending $1000+ on standup comedy classes myself.

Today’s Humor: Is It Me or Is It Just Not Funny?

This article explores why comedies of today are not as funny as they used to be. Either it is the direction that writers and comedians are taking, or it is my perception of humor as I get older.

Hot Flashes, Cold Nights

Back in the fall of of 1973 I was a young freshman at the University of Miami. I was given a room at the older dorm, Mahoney Hall. There was no air conditioning in our room, so the September nights were often pillow soaked experiences.

English Is A Funny Language

Those who think they have complete mastery over the English language might want to think again. There are so many words in English that depend on the context – is it wound or wound, is it read or read. Do you find the complexity interesting? Read on to find out all about the idiosyncrasies of English.

Running Out of Time

I’m running out of time, in my 30’s, anyway. When I look back through those years, I see the many things I’ve learned in only these past 10 years. Allow me to share the short list of those experiences and life lessons. Perhaps, your experiences weren’t so different.

It Is Not Easy Being Funny, Believe Me, I Know

I have tried to be funny all my life. As an adult, I have come to realize that I have never been truly funny, but I have always been clever. I have been great at twisting word meanings, but I have never been good at the distribution of unbridled humor to others.

I Spy An Elf Conspiracy

This holiday season, American taxpayers must be vigilant against the government’s most adorable spy. That Elf on the Shelf is a covert government conspiracy masquerading as a holiday tradition. You have been warned.

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