We Want Sommer Ray On OnlyFans – IMPAULSIVE EP. 267

Ellen Degeneres – A Rampage of Appreciation

Ellen Degeneres, I nominate her as the person who brings the most joy to the most number of people on this planet. Thank you Ellen!

Fatness – It’s Not Our Fault

This is a funny article about being fat and Nevada being the most obese state. It takes a humorous look at the subject of being overweight in America. It is done in a way that even overweight people will get a hearty laugh out of it.

A Lesson in Spontaneity

We often hear, especially around Valentine’s Day, that “being spontaneous” is an essential element to keeping a relationship fresh. Whether it is a romantic relationship or a simple friendship between two men or two women, acts of spontaneity are often the memories that stand out and make us feel a deeper kinship with a friend or lover.

Funny Obama Pictures & Other Political Humor

The internet is a great tool. It connects people from all over the world and spreads knowledge and information at lightening speed. It also happens to be a fantastic time waster!

Looking at Funny T Shirt Printings

Funny t shirt printings can be found anywhere and everyplace. It is a fact that funny t shirt printings are in extremely high requirement and that the are sought after by not simply younger people, but also older people. Yes, even the seniors like to poke fun at things, whether it is their private limitations or even their private philosophy.

Traverse City Comedy – Special Report on the Nations Best Comedy in Traverse City

Remember all those hours spent laughing with your friends and family watching the latest comedy show. There aren’t to many places that offer the Nations top Comedy performances here in Traverse City. It’s of no surprise that Traverse City just isn’t quite big enough to attract great Comedy acts.

Surprise! Men and Women Are Different

This is a funny article comparing men and women very humorously. It’s something both sexes can enjoy equally and have a hearty laugh while doing so.

The Popularity of the Toilet

Have you ever noticed how popular the toilet has become? Yes. Believe it or not, the toilet is quite popular.

A Wry Look at The Art of Lying

A survey of a wicked, irreverent, serious, harmful, cruel and enjoyable (for some) side of human civilization. Including quotes on lies and lying (good, bad and indifferent) from famous people down the ages who should know better.

2012 and the End of the World

Will the Mayan End of Time in 2012 be the end of us all? The author ruminated on this prospect on the very day (Dec 21st) three years prior to the date of doom.

A Case For Laceless Shoes

Why does anyone wear laced shoes anymore? It makes no sense to me. There are superior ways to keep your shoes on.

Humor, Laughter and Tears

When thinking about humor have you ever heard that the closest thing to laughter is tears? I can just picture my grandma now, hopelessly out of control, laughing so hard she was shaking, with no noise coming out but unable to stop, mouth wide open, and eyes crinkled in glee, with big crocodile tears running down her face. It’s kind of odd, the two sides of humor, we laugh, we relax, we find relief, but a lot of times there is pain involved, and laughter can be redeeming, or hurtful. Sometimes the most horrible things actually turn out to be humorous.

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