What Is Bitcoin & How Does It Work? (w/ Andrei Jikh) – IMPAULSIVE EP. 250

It’s a Sin

Apparently, there are seven heavenly virtues: temperance, diligence, chastity, kindness, humility, charity and patience. The first six would appear to make reasonable sense as qualities to covet for those wishing to avoid some of life’s more unpleasant pitfalls, but patience? A virtue ? How does that work exactly?

Some Things That Strike Me As Odd

Here are ten absurdities in the world around us. Included in the list are observations about our interactions with dogs, and strangeness in the English language.

Suggestions to Make the World a Better Place

Dear People in Charge of Things, Here are some suggestions to make the world a better place: Duct tape should come in flavors. Some possibilities: Plumber’s Plum, Strawberry Sound Man, Tangerine Toilet, and Duct l’Orange. Household Pneumatic Tubes.

New Flu Vaccine Horror – List of Ingredients Shock

This is a SPOOF article and not meant to be taken seriously. Here we have the latest development from the shady world of big pharmacy. Not to mention government and other criminal organizations.

8 Things to Do With Funny Life Quotes

Here are Top 8 Things you can do wit funny life quotes. 1- You can print them out on your T-shirt. Not only it will show your wittiness and humor in a whole different way but also impress the people around you.

How to Be Funny – Part 13 – Use the Rule of 3 (Never 2!)

There is a popular saying that goes “all good things come in threes.” This applies just as much to the world of humor as anywhere else. One common technique that anyone who is aspiring to learn how to be funny should know of is the “Rule of 3”. It is commonly accepted that things that come in threes are naturally funnier and simply more relatable.

The British – A Nation of Geniuses Under Labour

This is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on recent “highest ever” exam results in Britain. Where will it all end?

Subjugating Humanity – Part Three – Methods of Controlling the Herd

[Note: this article is a SPOOF and entirely fictitious. Everything in it is made up.] This is a continuation – part three – of translations into English of transmissions from an Arcturian survey ship in Earth orbit, to its mission operations based on Arcturus IX

British Scientist Sacked Over “Earth Goes Around Sun” Claim

This is a satirical article. The events are fictitious. Dismay erupts in Britain as the country’s “Truth Tsar” is sacked by a government outraged by his insistence on facts.

Subjugating Humanity Part Two – Banks, Corporations and Invisible Chains

This is a SPOOF a SATIRICAL article and not meant to be taken seriously. It follows on from “Subjugating Humanity Part One. All references in it are fictitious. From:Earth survey ship “Look Lively” To: Mission Operations, Arcturus IX Subject: Summary of analysis of Earth’s political system – part two: report resumed.

Subjugating Humanity Part One – Who is Running Earth?

This is a SPOOF article and not meant to be taken serious. All references in it are made up and fictitious and do not in fact exist. After break of several months I have been receiving again snippets of communications between an orbiting Arcturan survey ship and its base in the Arcturus system. I have done my best with the translation and offer it to you now for your consideration. The translation reads as follows.

If a Man’s Home is His Castle, Why is There Potpourri in My Moat?

Suffering from the redecorating blues. The sweat often outweighs the equity. Perhaps the Jungle Room is the right idea…you can vacuum the walls. A log cabin requires no wallpaper.

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