What is Dhyana? (The 7th Limb of Yoga)

One Story of Cat and Dog Friendship

JJ was an immense cat. His father was a big Manx, that we nicknamed “refrigerator.” After JJ’s father died, he became the king of the jungle on our farm. Our Great Pyrenees dogs of course were about as big as any dog gets, but JJ still ruled the small farm we live on.

A Cow in a Tree?

911 gets lots of calls, but a cow in a tree? Which to remove first, the head from the trap, or the trap from the head?

5 Ways to Ruin a Good Thanksgiving – When Thanksgiving Dinner Goes Downhill

Thanksgiving thoughts for 2008. We have the Pilgrims and the Indians to thank for getting this whole mess off the ground. Let’s all be thankful we have these 5 ways to ruin a good Thanksgiving tips to enjoy!

Dumpster Diva – My Name in Arabic Means “Gatherer”

I’m a Dumpster Diva. There, I’ve said it. I’m not ready for a 12 Step Program yet, but by the time I reach 90, am widowed, have 45 cats and cannot weave my way to the bathroom for all the junk – maybe I will be.

Too Dumb to Use a Toaster

I was at my job using our microwave. While waiting for my food to cook, I saw the instruction manual for our toaster lying on the counter. Curious, I wondered how many possible instructions there could be for making toast.

The Ladies Night Expert

It’s Ladies Night, oh what a Night!!! Ladies Night Entertainment Shows or Hen Nights as they are sometimes called are a great way to increase your profits and gain more customers if your a venue.

A 3-day Travel Tour in LA

Day 1: Landing at the Los Angeles International Airport at 10 PM. Full body inspection at the Customs for bacteria checkout. 3-hour waiting for luggage delivery and another 3 hours to find the exit gate. Night bus transfer to the hotel with television sets above each sit broadcasting bodybuilding TV shows. Breakfast at the hotel on arrival: two eggs, sourdough toast, coffee or chocolate splash and fresh orange juice. Morning visit of Beverly Hills ghetto on trolley. Regular stops to allow tour participants to take pictures of Brenda’s house and Dylan’s college.

A Dog’s Ten Commandments

We have our ten commandments, and so do dogs. Take commandment number 5 – Don’t give the ball back – they’ll just throw it again. An essential guide for your dog.

To Halve and to Hoed – My Entry Into the Gardening World

Thirty two brussel sprout plants!?” my husband exclaimed? “Thirty two?” Context is important here. I am easily distracted, I cannot turn down a good deal, and I do not do math very well.

How to Be as Funny As a Stand-Up Comedian

You think you’re funny. You think stand-up comedy must be easy. You think you want to give it a try. Here are 10 Tips to help make your first open mic into a positive, successful experience.

Perfect Hypoallergenic Puppy For the Obama White House

The Coton de Tulear is a nonshedding, hypoallergenic dog that would be perfect for the Obama family (or anyone else for that matter). These small adorable rare dogs are gentle, affectionate, smart, loyal,easy going and would be a great addition to any family.

First Dog Barney Bites Reporter at the White House

Though President Bush has been quite gentlemanly, polite, and reserved in his rebuttals of the rampant press bias aired nearly daily pertaining to his administration, the same can not be said of First Dog, Barney. This morning at the White House, Barney bit a correspondent as the reporter bent down to pet him. Barney snapped at the hand of the man and drew blood. It’s Page 1 News!

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