What Was It Like Fighting Floyd Mayweather? – IMPAULSIVE EP. 278

Flying Into the Danger Zone

You ever have times in your life when you just have to laugh? I flew to Colorado last Friday morning. My flight was at 6 am so I was planning on arriving at the airport at 4:30.

Scary Situations

I’ve just accepted that this is a fun ride we’re on and we have to laugh…starting with laughing at ourselves. Sometimes things in life are so bad that you can’t help but laugh. You just accept the consequences of stupidity and try to never do that again.

Warning – Lack of Common Sense May Lead to Death

Death is truly funny as long as it doesn’t happen to someone we know. We better learn some common sense or we’re bound to be a statistic.

Beware of Unruly Fans

Some people cannot point to the lowest moment of their life. Mine is branded into my mind. It was a few years ago at a Tennessee/South Carolina football game. The game began at 7:30. We got there about 12:00. So, we had a few hours of pregame tailgating in a city I’m very fond of, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Laughs, Laughs and More Laughs – A Washing Machine Engineer Shares Some of the Funny Stuff

Just the first of many articles where I share the laughs and times of a day in the life of a Domestic Appliance Engineer. This is The 1st of many Articles, Where I Share some of the funny things I have seen, caused and been involved in over the last 30 years.

Very Top Five Worst People to Speak to on a Train

Do you ever get the train? Then you need to read this before you end up speaking to the WRONG people. A lighthearted look at the sorts of strange people that may sidle up to you on the train and start talking to you. You’ll soon wish they hadn’t…

How to Generate Hours of Original Stand Up Material – Comedy Class 101

If you want to become a comedian any comedy class will tell you that you need original material. You can’t just stroll up to the mic and say the first thing which comes into your head. You could try, I suppose.

Satirical Imitation in Comedies

Satirical imitation refers to imitating some classical people and things in an exaggerated, modified and absurd way. It must be pointed out that the targets to imitate must be classical, lofty, serious and glorious.

The Questionnaire With Neil Cicierega

What are you doing these days? Videos, songs, videos for songs, songs for videos. Those are the two things I’m good at, though I’ve been meaning to give ANSI art a serious go.

Three Odious Office Jokes That People Have Done to Me

I used to work in an office, cube style, Dilbert style. It was a very Dilbertesque existence, made tolerable by a few good coworkers, and lots of practical office jokes. We did all the standards, like Vaseline on the doorknobs, prank calls, filling cubes to the top with balloons or shredded newspaper, covering everything, and I mean everything, in someone’s cube with tinfoil or wrapping paper (great for Christmas), and sabotaging someone’s mouse so it doesn’t work.

Laugh Your Heart Out

Just for Laughs Gags is a Canadian silent show by the Just for Laughs brand. This is a hidden camera show where some of the actors of the show perform silly pranks on unsuspecting people.

How to Quit Playing World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, while a fun game, can also dominate your time. Learn some tips on how to quit this game for good if you would rather be doing something else.

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