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Three Do’s and Do Not’s About Dressing Up Like a Pirate

People are always trying to dress up like a dumb pirate. Don’t be one of those people. Dress up like a great pirate.

Yellow Journalists Go Red, But Feel Blue

Obviously the only way to keep America safe and free is to gut as much of its citizens’ strength and liberty as we can get away with, and the president and his Demediacrat coalition have been sprinting away with great chunks of both for three years. Running like they stole something – which they did! But now, when she needs it most, the government must step in to help one of its biggest allies. I’m referring, of course, to the New York Times…

A Self Driving Ice Cream Truck – Tantalizing Indeed

As parents, we worry about all sorts of things, and when it comes to our children, well those are amongst some of our biggest fears – that something might happen. Let’s take something as simple as the ice cream man coming down the street playing a song, and all the kids chasing the ice cream truck down the street. We want our children to watch for cars, but we know they are more concerned with getting their ice cream than looking for traffic, no matter how much we tell them to look both ways before crossing or going into the…

What’s in a Name? A Linguistic Proposition

According to Shakespeare, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. What’s in a name, right? Wrong!

The Shark

I bought my nephew one of those “Air Sharks” for his birthday. You know – the ones they show scaring the BeJoingus out of the dog on T.V. I got it on sale for half price. I thought: “Hey, he likes sharks – I like sharks – half price – say, this could be a lot of fun!” Yup – I said it – fun.

Nightmare in Seattle

In 1967, I had gone to Seattle with a friend, and I and him had ended up broke, one evening he had stayed in our rented apartment, and I went with some friends I had met to a party, grim, terrible, empty and envious I was. Hunting in their house for some food, they all looked quite healthy, it was evening and the moon was out, -and I’m not sure at that point how I did it, or how Jeff my partner did it, but we were barely able to starve off Starvation; on my travels, even at this young age of nineteen, such times were infrequent. In Minnesota where I lived, in St. Paul, I had never gone empty, but now it was one misfortune after another or so it seemed, so that now, I was somewhat hovering in a chair at this house party in the living room, and several fellows and a number of girls, among them one who owned the place and her girl friends were all high on playing rock and roll records, feasting on pieces of ice some drinks, while I was experiencing all these pangs of famine and near hatred…

The Fence

Using materials and tools used for only God knows what, I managed to make a temporary repair to my fence in little time. The temporary repair has lasted now for almost a year. Most amazingly, no one has been killed during that time.

I Know: You Should Start A Business!

I bumped into an old buddy in cyberspace the other day, and we met for a quick drink to catch up. He had decided to start a business, possibly because there has always been something seriously wrong with the guy, so of course I wanted to hear all about it. We met at a little watering hole next-door to his business (a little downtown coffee shop)…

Diary Of A Lovebird

This is combination of a story and music to create a love diary. It talks about love and how it could be destroyed if not handled properly and appreciated in due time.

Having Fun With Women Strippers

In the modern hectic lifestyle where everyone remains extremely busy carrying out several activities, the most attractive source of relaxation and enjoyment is partying. People want to take time out of their lives and have fun with friends and families by socializing at parties. It is becoming very difficult for people to get time out of their busy schedule and attend different sorts of parties.

Letter From Arabia – Brits Abroad

Observations by a newcomer to Dubai about ex-pat’s behaviour abroad. Some things funny, some things to be ashamed of.

Letter From Arabia – A Classy Run

A newcomer to Dubai is impressed by the high standard of organisation in a half marathon. The piece de resistance being the linen clothed silver service finishers’ meal.

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