Coming Up With The Correct Answer To Just One Riddle

If you have never tried to figure out any riddle answers previously, you just don’t know what you’re missing out on. They can be quite mind-boggling and complex at times, and in other instances they can be quite simple. It is the easy riddles that drive you crazy though.

Are You A Huge Fan Of Over The Top Complex Riddles

Some riddles can drive you crazy thinking about their answers. You have to wonder who ever came up with the idea of creating them in the first place. It had to be somebody that was into torture of some kind, because unless you have heard the answer before, more than likely you will never be able to guess it yourself.

Anybody Can Solve Easy Riddles – It’s The Real Brain Teasers That Drive You Crazy

If you have a little free time, and want to use it to challenge yourself in order to keep your brain sharp, you might want to think about trying to solve riddles. If you do decide to accept the offer, then it would be best to start by trying to come up with the answers for easy riddles first.

Diary of a Country Zombie

If you’re thinking of going into the Zombie field this Halloween, you might want to consider at least one zombie’s point of view on how one’s geographic region affects success. Discover the inner workings of the mind of a Country Zombie and learn how you can avoid some of the pitfalls this farm-bred zombie has encountered.

Top Ten Signs You’re As Intelligent As David Letterman

How can you tell you’re as smart is David Letterman? This is not an IQ test, but it should give you some idea.

What Makes a Good Comedy Routine

Humor is very subjective but there are also universal truths that every person can relate to. It is in these universal truths that a good comedy routine thrives on.

Doomsday Warning Or Temporary Anomoly?

Are all the nasty current events we are seeing and hearing about on the news just a temporary aberration or are we rapidly approaching a serious global problem? When I was young, I read about the hippies starting communes for assorted reasons not the least of which was reacting to the doomsayers warnings of global problems on the way related to the manner in which we treated the environment. The real fear, the one that had normally sane individuals digging holes in their back yards to house the bomb shelt

Classic Old Time Radio Comedy: Fibber McGee And Molly

Listening to radio programs from the yesteryear has become a surprisingly popular form of entertainment. Many of the old radio shows from the 1920s to the 1950s have even been adapted to play on the modern gadgets and gizmos we use today.

Facebook Users We Like To Avoid

The “Update Bore-aholic” “I’m waking up.” “I had tofu pancakes for breakfast. Holy crap, how fascinating your posts and updates are (not).

Groucho’s “You Bet Your Life!” Quiz Show Is Now “You Bet Your Life You Need a Sense of Humor!”

Imagine that Groucho came back to Host “You Bet Your Life!”. This is how “You Bet Your Life!” would change.

If I Had A Second Chance At Life

I’m a staunch believer in second chances. If you had a chance at rebirth, what would you want to come back as? Here are some random thoughts.

The Chicken and The Egg

Several years ago, I would have the opportunity to occasionally have lunch with an entertaining old gentleman who always had a good story. He was one of those gentlemen that every small town seems to have, a nice old guy who was always willing to talk and entertain whoever may be present.

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