Why Bitcoin Will Die (w/ Peter Schiff) – IMPAULSIVE EP. 301

CHAPTER 7 – Ms Kitty Kitty Kitty on the Short List For VP

It just had to happen – you knew it especially if you’ve read Chapters 1 thru 6 on this site. No matter what you may have thought before, Ms Kitty was destined to make the short list for Vice President in someone’s mind. It was inevitable.

Showing Boxers Can Impede Criminals Eluding Police

I, like most respectable rational people just do not get it. The “it” I am referring to is the fashion trend that leads certain people to allow their jeans and/or shorts to fall half way down their rear end.

When Cows Kill

I could write words describing the moohem and destruction of this beast, and do no justice. Even the late great author of “Being There” and “Painted Bird”, Jersey Cowzinsky or pop diva Bovinna, who sang and performed Mooterial Girl so beautifully, could feel my emotions regarding violence in the bovine cowmunnity. I don’t even think The Boss, Bruce Holstein could (even though he was “BORN IN THE USDA”)…

The Greatest Indian Nuclear War

Deal or no Deal, somebody is damn sure to have the last laugh. Who would it be?

I Think That Stupid People Are Stupid

The other day, I was with a friend and we were having a meal at a fine restaurant and the service was less than what we had expected. And then she said the funniest thing; she said, I really think that stupid people are stupid. She was referring to the waiter, who certainly was lacking in many regards. So, I laughed and said…

Staying on the Funny Side – Of Sparky the Cat

The vet said Sparky died of natural causes. Aunt Fern said it was probably something he ate.

Avoid the Funny Bomb

Are you naturally funny? Do you leave your audience rolling on the floor? Or have you every made a “Funny Bomb?” I titled this article “Avoid the Funny Bomb” because I want you to learn from the priceless lessons that I have learned. And yes, even if you are naturally funny, you need to read this article. I am committed to creating a “Funny Bomb Free Society” one person at a time.

Have Some Laughs at These Hippest Comedy Clubs

It also hosts many major US trade shows and is often referred to as the business capital of the country. A large number of people visit the city every year for various purposes. However, they all love to spend an evening filled with fun and laughter after a tiring day working or sightseeing.

Praying For Deflation

While Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is worried about Inflation Expectations, I am just as intrigued by Deflation Invocations. Recently a prominent TV news channel featured a church group that congregated near a gas station and prayed for cheaper gas. My first reaction was amusement but then I realized that this represented a historic first.

Are You Hooked on Garage Sales?

Yard sales, garage sales, flea markets; they’re as addictive as drugs, alcohol and watching some guy get hit in the crotch on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Read how one man’s weekend obsession became a nightmare.

The Dairy Queen Conspiracy

Some people sit around wondering how things get done, while others engineer a plan. It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, but there is another mom that is equally powerful… boredom.

Signs That it is Time to Clean Your Fridge

I am by no means a neat person. This list is from my own vast personal experience with the messes. You may have your own. However, if you are organizationally challenged, you WILL relate to this humorous top ten type list!

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