Why do Yin Yoga?

Sex, Violence, Or Stupidity – The Future of Movie Ratings

There’s no consistency to movie ratings anymore. Does anyone really even pay attention to them these days? Is there anything in an R rated movie that isn’t already shown on most any TV network? I mean, when Disney puts out movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean” where the “good guys” are thieving, murderous pirates, is there really a point anymore? Forget worrying about violent or sexual content, they all have it anymore anyway, start rating movies based on stupidity level instead.

For Viewers Like You

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching local television news during sweeps week, when stations attempt to grab ratings by scaring the hell out of everyone. I especially love the little teases they put on during Oprah, like “An Action News Exclusive: Your Cat Could Be a Terrorist” or “Can Everyday Pocket Lint Cause Pancreatic Cancer?” or “Canine Flatulence: Is Fido Poisoning Your Children? A Special Eye Team Undercover Investigation.” Thank goodness we have PBS to act as a beacon in the storm. You can always count on your local public television station to provide quality programming during sweeps, like documentaries about the mating habits of the vervet monkeys of Zimbabwe.

Take My Advice – Please!

It’s getting to be almost an almost daily occurrence. Some poor, misguided public figure or celebrity wannabe does something that gives them a severe case of celebritis foolitis, which, loosely translated means, “How do I look good even though I royally screwed up?”

The Rattlesnake

Practical Jokes are usually funnier for the giver than the receiver. Here is a true story where the tables were turned.

The 3 Nakeds

“What are you wearing right now?” This question, which often gets asked over a medium that lacks sight-IM, phone, email-can basically be answered in any way that you like because it’s not about what you’re wearing; it’s about what you say that you’re wearing. On the Internet or the phone you can be, or wear, anything that you want.

The Follies Entertain Again

We held our annual Follies Show in our community recently. Everyone loves an entertaining show. Believe me, this year’s show was very entertaining, indeed. As it turned out, we had an extremely talented bunch of “good sports” who worked hard to make this year’s Follies a success.

You Can’t Spell “Cobra” Without “Rocky” and “Rambo”

I have made an interesting and comical discovery about the 1986 Sylvester Stallone movie Cobra. I’m not sure if you remember this particular Stallone film, it was not promoted or hyped to the extent of Rocky and Rambo.

The Seventies and the Opposite Sex

It is impossible for me to separate the era of the seventies from my transition from girl into woman. I was thirteen in 1970 and suddenly so aware of the difference between myself and the opposite sex who were just coming into vivid and irresistible focus.

The Seventies and Parents

When people think about the seventies they don’t generally think about parents, and yet we all had them. In some shape or form!

An Idiot’s Guide To American Football

Thanks to the miracles of satellite and cable television, we beyond the shores of the New World are being treated to a choice of programs of global proportions, many of which are unwatchable, but a few catch the eye, and one such is American Football. This is a very macho game for boys only, unlike baseball and basketball, which are girlies’ games, better known in the Old World as rounders and netball respectively.

Those Yankee School Teachers Sure Talked Funny

A relative on my wife’s side, recently learned that we were moving to Atlanta, Georgia, in the near future. She is a sweet lady, and one of the things I treasure about being married to my Arizona wife is the great family of Arizona Sicilians I inherited in the process. However, certain members of the family, like the dear lady I am talking about, have never traveled much to the east of Arizona.

Observations – Everything and “Everyone” is Bigger at Sam’s

The weather guessers in St. Louis promised sunny skies with temperatures in the mid 60’s today! But, it’s cloudy and cold. It’s supposed to rain for the next 4 days–there’s a big surprise. To prepare for this week’s flood, I decided to go up to the Sam’s Club and stock up on bunch of junk that will probably rot in my refrigerator when the power goes out during the storms.

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