Why Floyd Mayweather VS. Logan Paul Was Postponed…IMPAULSIVE EP. 253

Staying on the Funny Side – Of License Renewals

What started as a little harmless banter, has now turned into the evolution of a prank – a prank of epic proportions, for when mischief is the motive you can rally any troop – no matter how eclectic or whether they speak English or not. We hand out dares like we’re planning an invasion – and in a way, it is – an invasion on the deadly somber mood at the DMV. And like any dare, whether you’re six or sixty, you must follow through.

Christmas Business Community Joke – Highly Charged Regulatory Topics Discussed

NOTE: This is a fictional Story; i.e. – It’s a Joke, where Santa Clause is caught for Monopolistic Business Practices. The Federal Trade Emission has filed a lawsuit against Santa Claus Incorporated [NYSE Symbol CHRS] for predatory and monopolistic trade practices. As it turns out the 150-year old firm is well over 90% of the market with its efficient operating system and way of doing business. Even though no one is damaged by getting free toys for Christmas or having all those toys delivered in bundles, the FTE believes that it hurts other companies trying to break into the market.

Bumper Sticker Maniac – It’s Fun to Get Weird

I’ve been a bumper sticker fanatic forever. I love reading them and more than anything, writing them. All you need to do is channel Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoon and go for broke: Here are just a few of the thousands I’ve written.

The World’s Most Dangerous Dogs

I imagine that there should be a piece on Animal Planet, the History Channel, et al, that needs a new angle: perhaps to uncover the world’s most astounding, vicious, and dangerous dogs. After all they’ve covered everything else and they’re probably running out of material. I imagine that there should be a piece on Animal Planet, the History Channel, et al, that needs a new angle: perhaps to uncover the world’s most astounding, vicious, and dangerous dogs.

The Evolution of Fart Noises From Whoopee Cushion to Electronic Fart Machine

The Whoopee Cushion has been all time favorite to people who have a naughty side and want to play a practical joke on their closest friends. It has since gone high-tech.

Home Owner’s Plight (I’m Not Handy)

I own a house. And like most houses, it occasionally needs routine maintenance. Well routine for most people. However, there is nothing routine about maintenance, when I am involved. Most people think that I am a pretty intelligent person (people who don’t know me well anyway), but I just can’t seem to get the knack of home repair.

Twelve Signs That Your Broker May Not Have Your Best Interests at Heart

In these trying times, it’s tough enough to worry about your stock portfolio. Some of you, and you may not know who you are, may need to worry about your broker!

President Obama is the New Cary Grant!

I am a huge Cary Grant fan and a pretty big Barack Obama fan. I have always been a huge Cary Grant fan, I’m just now warming up fully to President Obama. I see a lot of similarities between the two men – that is the characters Cary Grant played and the fact that he is still considered the definition of “cool” and “grace under fire.” This article shares my thoughts and highlights some of my favorite Cary Grant roles. I wrote it a couple of months ago and I saw Stephen Colbert on David Letterman talking about President Obama nailing skit for his show and calling him the “Meryl Streep president.” I hope you enjoy the comparisons. I’ve read all of the books about Cary Grant over the years and a few on our President. I’m just saying!

OSHA Fines Threaten to Close Down Santa Claus Corporation’s North Pole Toy Factories

Apparently, there may be no Christmas this year as OSHA has levied steep fines on Santa Claus Corporation. It seems as if there are serious charges, fines, and even criminal negligence at issue in several of Santa Corporation’s North Pole Factories. What has happened you ask?

Santa Claus Corporation Challenged Due to N1H1 Flu Shot Delays

Due to the huge lines for Flu Shots at the North Pole all the elves working at the Santa Claus Toy Factory are far behind schedule. The company has asked for assistance from the White House, but seeing as it is only a US Territory, not an actual state, they are not a high priority. And due to the fact that Christmas is no longer politically correct, this has been challenging for Santa Claus Corporation.

Santa Claus LLC Out of Business Due to Obama Care Health Insurance Costs

Santa Claus knew this day was coming, and he put it off as long as possible, but as the CEO and Chairman of Santa Claus Inc., he had no choice but to file bankruptcy in November of 2009. You see, the commercial credit markets were tight, and he just couldn’t make payroll, nor could he borrow the money until the Christmas season was over when the money would flow in again. Over the last few years health insurance and worker’s compensation costs have skyrocketed.

Santa Claus LLC Might Go Out of Business Due to Methane Green House Emission Rules

Apparently, the new Cap and Trade law is causing a stink at Santa Claus LLC Toy Factory at the North Pole. Why you ask? Well, it seems that methane is a green house gas and rain deer are big polluters, and the EPA wants to fine Santa Corp [NYSE symbol CHRS). The corporation has purchased the new approved EPA rain deer rear-end cover and recover devises, but they keep falling off of the rain deer in flight, and the FAA is very concerned about these incidents.

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