Will My Boys Lie To My Girlfriend For Me?

Butterfly Mind and Nothing in Between

Writing emotions in the moment can make you laugh, scream, or cry; or all of these things at once. Going with your minds’ thoughts. No rhyme, No reason, just writing. RANDOM WRITING slows the brain down from the racing thoughts that constantly bombard us on a daily basis. Focusing becomes a challenge and a never ending battle of what should one do first. Prioritizing is like a precious gem when you find that you are actually following the priority you’ve set. Hearing your thoughts, acting on them or not only creates more mind clutter… babbling is a tale-tale sign of “Nothing in Between”.

The Curious Case of ‘Motivation’

In this age of cutthroat competitions, the word Motivation has become the most adored word of our ‘highly motivated’ and ‘motivation oriented’ bosses. Figuratively, they eat motivation everyday in their breakfasts, and sleep pulling the blanket of motivation. And spend whole day in motivation.

How Not to Be a Meetings Secretary in 7 Easy Lessons

A brief but important look at the worst things you can ever do as a Meetings Secretary. In fact, be the worst Meetings Secretary ever and be proud!

The Future Of The World (Humor)

An old manuscript was found in the attic of the legend Migel Nostrildamous, a seer of the 1500s who could smell the future. It is written in his own handwriting and it foretells events in the not-so-distant future. And it doesn’t smell good.

The Adams Without Love

His name is Adam; he possesses the name of the first person who set foot on the earth. Well, before going ahead I should tell you that I’m going to talk about my dear, poor, pathetic friend Adam. Meanwhile, Prophet Adam’s story doesn’t manifest much of an inspiration or motivation.

Funny SMS Jokes: A Healthy Way to Initiate the Conversation!

In the present day scenario, messaging is fast emerging as a popular way to initiate a discreet conversation without others knowing about it. However, building contacts over SMS is not easy. The simplest question to ask yourself is that why should people read your SMS.

Subscribing to Receive Funny Jokes: The Simple Way to Stay Healthy

If your day to day routine does not leave space for relaxation, you need to alter it. After all, all work and no fun is the perfect remedy that spells disaster for your health, doesn’t it? Well, with the increasing dominance of global business scenario, the work is only set to increase.

Instead Of The Streak, The Wink

There is everything scary about a winking naked man, especially in front of a woman who does not want the man. I realized this in a gym shower when Bally Gymnasium Company was in existence.

Bad Fairytales

Growing up as a child in Wisconsin, one of the chef concerns of us children was being eaten. I think it was because of all the fairy tales we were told that involved children being the desired dinner of so many other fairy tale inhabitants. It only occurred to me many, many years later that this was not a very realistic precaution to teach your children.

Who Is the Funniest Children’s Poet?

Who is the funniest children’s poet? Do you have any books of Shel Silverstein on your bookshelf? What does it take to write funny poetry? This article tells all, well almost all.

Dehydrated Water

Putting water in a bottle was a stroke of genius. It allowed people to control the quality of the water they drink and it provided some creative and not-so-creative entrepreneurs the ability to become rich very quickly. After all, they bottled something that was relatively cheap and available to all people.

Mr. Curly Iron

There’s nothing like being accosted in the mall by a thickly accented man wielding a curling iron (that both curls and straightens hair). In fact, there are only a few things to which I can compare this experience – sitting next to a newborn on an airplane, snorkeling alongside Jaws, and feeding your pet chicken some McNuggets (sorry, animal cannibalism is a real issue and should be taken seriously) are probably the only experiences that even come close to causing the emotions I felt at the mall this weekend.

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