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We Must Save Our Billionaires

Billionaires as as useful as traffic cops. Necessary but not lovable. Billionaires just have a way to make money from anything.

Teaching Grandma to Drive

I taught my grandma to drive. Really, I did. I was just a little kid, maybe 6 or 7 years old at the time. She was in her late fifties, which to a kid is like being a prime candidate for the Rocking Chair Brigade. Now, I consider that age as the prime of life but that’s another story. Anyway, my grandma somehow managed to make her way around the farm and down to the Jefferson General Store without ever learning to drive. With all those children of hers and lots of friends and family around, I guess it just wasn’t an issue. Then everyone grew up and moved away and Grandma started to experience transportation problems. That’s when I came along.

Little Johnny Jokes – The Ultimate Classic Collection

Little Johnny jokes are by far the leaders in entertainment around friends. Let’s focus on Little Johnny classics without being rude!

Learn to Be Funny – Harnessing the Power of Quote Humor

Some people say that you cannot learn to be funny. While you might not be funny enough to work as a professional stand-up comedian, you can certainly learn to be humorous. Being humorous is enough to succeed as a presenter…

Learn to Be Funny – The Steve Allen Technique

Here is a fairly simple method that can help you learn to be funny; or more specifically hone the funny that you already have. Legend has it that U.S. Comedian Steve Allen learned how to write jokes by copying out jokes from joke books. Now, while I don’t advocate learning how to write jokes as the basis for using humour in speeches or presentations, it is something that we can certainly learn a lot from.

Man Or Mouse

Don’t wish this experience on any one. To start with it was usually my custom to take walks in the winter with my dog Keesha. I live here in Canada and we are guaranteed this time every year of to getting a lot of snow.

Good Night, Good Luck and Good Riddance

Some final words from our dearly departing president, George W. Bush. While it saddens me to leave the roundness of the Oval Office and all the accompanying entrapments of power, I take great pride in my accomplishments, many of which are too few to mention.

Everyone Should Learn Three Inoffensive Jokes

Most people like a good joke. The trick is how to not offend anyone.

Things Men Aren’t Supposed to Know

An enlightening look into some of the things men learn through experience. This article attempts to explain why these special skills take so long to acquire.

Can You Survive Without the Internet?

The Internet and any worthwhile millionaire should go hand in hand. But is that really the case?

The Lifesaver That is the Vending Machine

The times they are a-changin’, as sang Bob Dylan in 1964, and so right he was. Even he couldn’t have envisaged the pace and the ways in which the western world changes through time. No wonder middle-aged people hark back to ‘the good ole days’ when you would never lock the front door or you could let your kids play in the streets without having an anxiety attack about their whereabouts.

Alternative Comedy – Interview at a Van Pyre

It’s sunset, and I’ve just arrived at an old greyhound race track on the outskirts of Manchester. The place has been abandoned for years: the ground is covered in weeds and the surrounding buildings look like they’re about to collapse. It’s an odd place for an interview. I’m here to meet with a senior member of a little-known, but rapidly growing, Church: Mother Superior Maudelayne Tetzel. She’s a petite woman in her mid-twenties, with shoulder-length red hair and a pretty face.

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