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Up on the Rooftop

If you have used a ladder to climb to the roof of your home, you will want to read this article. It’s only funny after the fact and was not as it was unfolding.

The Obama Girl

In a period of heightened political tension due to the political campaign and the deep financial crisis escapism is not a bad idea. Indeed it is a wonderful idea. It is indisputable that the November elections was one of the fiercest contested elections in American history.

Les Justiciers Masques, the Masked Avengers

Humour or comedy is good and presents the lighter side of life or satirizes the serious part of life. The masked Avengers have taken comedy to a different new level by placing very serious calls to celebrities and making fun of them without them having a clue most of the time as to what is actually happening. This is amusement on a new level.

New Year Breaks – Get Complete Details About New Years Eve Breaks

New Year breaks are the long-awaited breaks, when everyone makes it a point to celebrate it with their family, friends and sweethearts’. It’s time to socialize, get-together and go for vacations. People plan out New Year breaks in a great way. Around the world there are countless New Year Vacation options where families and love couples, can go and have a great time.

Bare Arms Against the Microwave

My fellow Microwave Haters, welcome to the land of hypocrisy run by greedy corporations driven by profit and culinary mutilation. The microwaves own your life, the corporations let them own you, always held down by the power and allure of fast, convenient food!

True Snake Story – A Garden Snake For Mom and Dad

Adapting to the Michigan country side was not always an easy thing to do, but she loved my dad and knew that the opportunities for a new nurse were better there than in New Orleans. For a while there they lived with my dad’s dad. My grandfather once asked my dad why “she” kept putting the butter in the fridge. In New Orleans, it would melt if you left it out all day. In Michigan it would get just soft enough to spread. If you kept in the refrigerator, it was usually hard as a rock.

True Snake Story – A Bull Snake For Gary and Kim

He was drifting in and out of sleep while his wife sat nearby. Suddenly, a snake came into the room It had probably gotten in through that un-repaired spot in the siding. Gary gaped at it as Kim’s scream scared it behind some furniture.

Jerries and Toms

Oft we watch Tom and Jerry cartoon and oft we wish to become Jerry. His boldness always incites us to bell the Tom and live a smooth and happy life. The cartoon goads us to do such a thing as would teach a lesson to the cats.

5 Stand Up Comedy DVDs to Ask For This Christmas

DVDs from various stand up comics are very popular at this time of the year, and they sell by the bucketload because they make excellent Christmas presents. So which stand up comedy DVDs are worth getting this year, either for yourself or for your friends and family?

The Raid on Mill Creek Mine, Part Two – Dynamite

“Smasher, we ought not to be foolin’ with dynamite. Let’s fergit about that,” Joker said. “You kin fergit about it if you want to. I’m gonna have a look. Some blastin’ powder would come in real handy to finish off what’s left of that there motor barn,” Smasher told him.

The Raid on Mill Creek Mine, Part One – Glass

Our gang had made its plans. We had decided that the time was now ripe for us to make a raid on Mill Creek Mine.

Movie Practice – Part I

When I was growing up in a house and neighborhood of adventurous boys, movies provided a good amount of inspiration for the kinds of activities we aspired to accomplish. My best friend, Jeff, could always be counted on to supply lots of great ideas, high technology tools, and a liberal amount of brainstorming for our own brand of aspiring film making techniques. On many occasions, Jeff and I spent hours in his back yard perfecting our movie stunts, fake fighting techniques, and scene blocking plans, preparing for the day when we could afford to go down to the store and …

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