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Kitchen Sounds

Some of us cook quietly and without causing a disturbance. Not in this household.

Onion Personality

All other kinds of personality aside, this is a novel and very common type discussed here. The inner feelings of a man are described here in light way.

Aprons With Funny Sayings

An apron with a funny saying can transform an event from boring and tedious and exciting and fun. It’s true! Use this technique to make it happen.

My Career As a Terrorist

My hometown of Warrensburg, Missouri, has a population of approximately twenty thousand people, dogs and other critters. It is known far and wide as the home of the University of Central Missouri. Only ten miles to the east is a small town of Knob Noster.

If I Were Elected

I might just run. If I did, these are my goals. Not your typical fare.

Anybody Seen Bob?

My wife cleaned the freezer in our pantry. She threw a bunch of things away. I was surprised to see the bag that sat on rear of the lowest shelf go.

T-Ball Shuffle

I picked up the ringing phone to be greeted by my seven-year old grandson. “Hi, Grandpa.” “Hi, Zak. What’s up?” “Do you want to come to my T-ball game on Wednesday?”

Just Sit Back and Relax

Today I went down town to see if I could get somebody to weld a piece onto my Jeep Commanche. The door jamb lock fell apart and I’m using a bungee cord to secure the door. (It’s a really STRONG bungee cord) I didn’t realize it was a holiday and some things weren’t open so the trip into town appeared pointless.

10 Ways To Tell If You’ve Had Too Much To Drink

Before you know it, summer will be here and there will be a never ending string of pool parties, beach parties and get togethers. Here are 10 ways to tell you may have taken it a bit too far.

5 Fun Things To Do On An Elevator

Have you ever been on an elevator and just wanted to remove that uncomfortable feeling of silence? Here are five sure fire ways to make your next elevator ride memorable.

The Tickler

When Alice Weatherspoon fancied a bit of fish for her tea, she didn’t go to the fishmonger’s or the chip shop, she went down to the river to catch her own. Mind you if the river warden were to catch her fishing without a license it would have cost her a pretty penny, the fines were ridiculous and could be as high as 2,500. It would have been an easy job for Alice to get a license, but she refused too on principle.

Kangaroo Soup

I put this article under humor because it beats all, it is funny, but only in a logical way, that being, we tell others what to do with killing this and that, and then go home and kill whatever we want in the animal kingdom. It is like complaining about having a fly in your soup, and you get mad at the waitress for it, and go home and eat a dirty camel.

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